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  1. Does anyone know a way of filling/covering the scars. Please respond. i'm willing to try anything at this stage Thanks 8-[
  2. Jenn4dexx - I know what you mean about putting on more and them becoming more noticeable. Will the bronzing powder not darken the areas. Does anyone know a way of filling/covering the scars. Please respond. i'm willing to try anything at this stage Thanks 8-[
  3. what is the best way to cover them up.please wb and let me know. Thanks a mil 8-[
  4. what is the best way to cover them up. Please wb & let me know. Thanks 8-[
  5. Has anyone noticed a tingling sensation under the skin where the vinegar is being applied. Over the last week it has started for me. My skin is improving more rapidly now also!! weird. I have been doing this method for about 4 months now. It only started last week and i haven't been doing anything differently since then :-s
  6. Maya How long did it take for your friend to notice much of an improvement in her scars? How many months? Thanks
  7. What the hell is Mint Juice?????????????? ](*,) ](*,) Don't say juice from mint!!
  8. Hello50- do you think that peels wont help my scars? They are very shallow 8-[
  9. Thanks for the advice all, Jamie10- Might try a light glycolic peel or a lactic one. Haven't tried needling yet elle, my scars are so shallow, its just the marks left on the surface really. I know i am lucky in the sense that they r not deep but it still looks awful Does anyone know how many of these peels i have to do before i get good results. Has anyone tried a peel with success. Sorry, am not too familiar with peels 8-[
  10. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what will work for acne scarring on my temples. Scars are 4 years old, mix of boxcar, ice-pick, rolling. Am so desperate right now for a cure, am seriously on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Scars aren't deep at all, was on vin&lem method, thought it was helping until i saw my face today in a bad light, has helped a little though. Please,please,please can somebody help me, am sick with depression from the scars. I cant live like this anymore
  11. Nine weeks on vin&lem today!! Seems to be improving very rapidly these days, my scars are improving every day!! Finally, i feel like i am getting my life back. They used to be really bad before i started this method, my temples were covered with 'ice-picks', rolling scars, fibrotic, atrophic scars, it was very extensive. Alot of the scars are still there but they are getting so shallow. Some of the major ones now look like tiny imperfections I'm gonna keep the method up until
  12. Elle- The pit was located on one of my temples, it was about 1.5mm. The rolling scar was about .6 mm long and .4mm wide
  13. Hey all, Is anybody doing this method anymore, no posts in 3 days!! Have been doing the vin&lem thing for 8 weeks now. Have some good results, i have noticed over the last week that two of my scars have almost dissapeared . One of these scars was of rolling type, the other was a pit. The rest of my scars are getting soooo shallow, i reckon another 4/5 weeks and i'll see a vast improvement Good luck everybody
  14. Hey all, Have been doing the vin&lem treatment for the past 7 weeks. I have noticed some definet improvement, every week my skin seems to be getting a fraction better. I'm really only able to see the difference at this stage. I'd say another 7/8 weeks and the difference will be even more significant. Am really happy with the progress but it is unfortunate that it improves soooo slowly ](*,) ***MAYA***: how is the method working for you and is your friend still doing it. If so has sh