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  1. I just put up a post, I have had the same thing and nothing worked. Tiny skin colored bumps all over your forehead that show worst in bathroom/sunlight. I even tried accutane but the oil and the bumps came right back. I have been using the Neutrogena WAVE for 3 days and went from like 25 bumps to none in 3 days! It might just be a coincidence, but it's worth a try.
  2. Okay, so I have been plagued with these tiny non-inflamed bumps all over my forehead for like 2 years. Sometimes they creep down the sides of my face or spring up under my mouth. Tried accutane and they left while I was on it, but came right back 3 months after w/ the humid summer. I bought this new Neutrogena WAVE electric face washer...and I'm not kidding, the bumps are all gone in 3 days! Has anyone else tried this? I am wondering if it is a coincidence and I stopped eating something I'm
  3. I tried accutane a year ago for non inflamed acne on my forehead and the occasional inflamed ance (like 1-2 a month). While I was actually on accutane the little bumps all over my forehead went away, but 2 months after when it started getting warm, they came right back full force. If non-inflamed acne is all you have, I wouldn't reccommend TANE. There's a lot of stress involved and little reward.
  4. Has anyone had any luck w/ diet? I had this problem a year and a 1/2 ago (along w/ quite a few yeast infections) and I asked my derm and he said no! So I tried accutane, but the second I stopped taking it, came right back. So, I'm wondering if using probiotics or changing my diet I could treat it myself. Work for anyone?
  5. I use Envision Beauty The Solution. I used it through my whole treatment and after, and never got super dry or flaky. The real trick I found to avoiding that dry/tight feeling on my skin was all about the face wash however. Nuetrogena made my skin feel like leather left in the sun. I started using Dr. Haushka face wash (it removes the dirt & bacteria while leaving the healthy oils) and wow...my skin always feels clean but never dry. http://www.drhauschka.com/ http://www.envision-beau
  6. Almost 3 months since I finished my treatment, thought it was time for an update. Skin: My skin is still pretty awesome for the most part. Tiny pores, no big breakouts, normal oil production. About once a month I get a handful of teeny-tiny bumps on my forehead thanks to my friendly neighborhood hormones, but it's definately a huge improvement. ADHD: Wow, I didn't realize just what an impact accutane had until I was off it. My focus has returned to normal now that I'm off the medicine
  7. Thanks for checking out my log and the positive words for encouragement. Happily, my skin seems to be getting dryer again and the breakouts have subsided. I also lost a ton of weight on accutane, and I was pretty little to begin with! I've been off for 4 weeks almost, and slurping down the pizza, but my face is still super bony. I'm trying protein shakes now, hopefully that does the trick. I saw on your post you said you were shedding some hair but you did before so you weren't worried. Ho
  8. 2 weeks off of TANE, and I seem to be headed back to where I started. My face isn't as oily, but I have 4-5 small breakouts, right around the perimeter of my face. After almost 6 months of being blemish free, this is aggravating. My derm offered me another month of treatment, but I declined. I think if it didn't work in 5, it won't work in 6. So, she told me to start back up w/ Tazarac & aczone, alternating days. And I just reordered the Dr. Hauschka clay face mask. So much for accut
  9. I only had mild acne, but my oil production was ridiculous (and living in a humid climate doesn't help). I just finished up an accutane treatment and it has made a huge difference, the oil is completely under control. I wouldn't say my skin is 'dry' at this point, but I definately wouldn't call it 'oily', just normal.
  10. My flushing on accutane has been pretty hilarious. THat's one of the reasons I let the cat out of the bag at work...my boss kept thinking I was getting upset about stuff and having panic attacks. So, there's definately no hiding your embaressment and it's prudent to avoid anyone you find atractive, or prepare for some serious outting. Luckily, I find my flustered moments funny and just laugh them off, like telling people they're just too hot and need to step 5 feet away. I just finished my c
  11. So, I gave up the red bull and limited my sugar and the sensitivity has definatley subsided. Hopefully nothing permanent was done!
  12. I have gone 25 years w/out a single cavity. I'm on my last week of accutane and have noticed some teeth sensitivity. Has anyone had problems with cavities from accutane or are teeth just more sensitive during the treatment? Should this go away when I'm done? Granted, I ended up drinking a lot of red bull (like 1 a day) on accutane because I was so tired, but I'd be suprised if 3 months of that ruined my teeth that fast.
  13. Diet is a biggie. Lots of zinc and protein should limit shedding. Eggs, spinach salads, protein shakes. Nuts are great, I use a healthy hair trail mix from Kimberly Snyder (tropical trail mix + walnuts + brazil nuts + salted/roasted pumpkin seeds) that I keep at my desk at work. I have had a little thinning, but I only have 3 days left and it's barely noticable.
  14. I'm 4 days from being done my treatment and I though I have the attention span of a 5 year old at christmas, it was totally worth it. I had mild ADHD prior without medication, but Accutane definately exasperated that condition. It wasn't noticable at the beginning and has since improved, but months 3 & 4, I couldn't even stay tuned in to a 1/2 hour show. I did find that red bull helped me get through my exams (though my teeth feel that was a less than wise solution). No depression here