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  1. Thanks for the input but I want more opinions please...
  2. Hi there, Well, here it is my brief story: Since 14 I have been suffering from acne. My dermatologists have prescribed me tons of products but only one have worked for me: accutane. I was 18 when I started taking it...and during summer I had the clearest skin since I can remember. But some months later my acne came back....and it was a permanent condition until I found the regimen 4 years later. Well...the regimen worked perfectly for me during one year. I couldn't believe that my skin w
  3. Hi there, I have been reading this old topic...and my question is - can flutamide be used by men to reduce acne and hair loss? I believe it can but I don't know if this will be as effective as seen in women ( drecrease in acne about (80%) thanks
  4. Hi there, Try eating hake first. Is a low fat fish and it almost certain that won't cause you breakouts. Be aware that tuna or salmon are more likely to cause you breakouts as some people have reported.
  5. Hi there, I have started my regimen 1 year ago and I am also trying to do it only at night. I have discovered that most of my acne is diet related. Eating to much carbs or fruits causes me small pimples. However, for some days I have discovered that avoiding "overdoses" in those foods, my face stays clear but sometimes can be difficult, like in the summer, there are tons of fruits, like plumms, peaches and so on.. My experience so far is telling that the BP only at night is sufficient to keep
  6. Hi there again, Can someone tell me if batch 0181 is still being sold? I want to buy a new batch but not the 0181... thanks
  7. hi there, I also confirm that batch 0181 causes me redness....
  8. Dragon let me tell you the biggest secret of this forum: we are all paid members to write fake reviews. This is the biggest scam ever recorded, bigger than madoff. But the thing is- you have discovered our secret ... and now you must join the dark side. P.S - the members that hadn't accepted our proposal have been sliced and juiced. then we add bp and BAM! Acne.org BP ready to go! Seriously this thread should be closed. Thousand arguments wont change his mind.
  9. LOL. And pharmaceutical companies are the most honest ones. You dont need acne treatment. You need to see a shrink.
  10. Acne destroyed my teen years. Those years where we are supposed to do silly stuff, messing around with girls and do things like that...were ruined by acne. Besides that I have other serious condition like hyperidrosis - my hands are sweating all the time. Additionaly, I am short and ugly. Facts. So if someday I have the fortune to find a girl, I hope that she is ok about adoption or even better- accepting a sperm donor - where we could choose the donor - eye colour, height, potential academic
  11. I am going to be totally honest. As a guy I would not date a a girl with acne. You can call me names or judge me but in the end it is just something quite normal - like girls choosing a taller dude over a shorter one.
  12. Differin does wonders! In my particular case, mixing dan's BP with differin is magnific! Not only keeps your skin acne free bur also get rids of blackheads!