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Jack Wang

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  1. Jack Wang

    Quick question regarding the Treatment

    Yeah that's what I was confused about.
  2. Jack Wang

    Quick question regarding the Treatment

    I always used this Regimen, but I always used 10% instead of the 2.5% treatment (I know Dan specifically stated that 10% won't work on the Regimen), due to the fact that ordering from U.S to U.K brings the price up to bonkers. Still, worked wonders, but I'd like it to be less dry and less flaky, and I think this 2.5% it's brilliantly taking care of that. Oh, but with Dan's BP, like.. 3 days Oh, but with Dan's BP, like.. 3 days
  3. Jack Wang

    Quick question regarding the Treatment

    Ah, thank you very much for clearing that up... Yeah I am rubbing gently haha I added that for dramatic effect, haha. Erm. Right, two pumps ok, got it. I thought using three pumps would speed somethings up, I use to use 10% BP you see, so this is like... rubbing hair gel on my face, I feel nothing... Thanks again! Jack
  4. all good all good, you're also plagued by the acne problem I presume (being Mr. Obvious here but hey...)

    1. Hi there, I've been using Acne.org BP treatment, and it's working very well, However, I do have a question that I would like to understand... if this question have already been asked then forgive my ignorance I'll be sure to have my eyes peeled next time. After watching Dan's video demonstration of how to apply the BP, is it ok to apply it then spread it across the face and leave it for it to dry on its own? or is it best to keep rubbing the BP around until it becomes sticky and.. un-rubbable?
    2. Thank you very much :D

      1. My opinion would be, flawed skin adds depth to your character and complexion, thus attract mutual interests!
      2. Jack Wang

        I have no life...

        Mate, Don't worry about your acne, it's about who you are that makes people care, not what you look like and certainly not something that would go away, people who judge you based on your appearance isn't really worth to be even noticed by you anyway, besides, who are they to judge? Embrace life, it's way too short to be spent on unhappiness. You're still at school, there are things with much more importance in later life that will require your attention. Take me for instance, I'm jobless right
      3. Hi Mandy,

        Cheers for the informative posts you've made on the forum. Fantastic research!