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  1. hey man, i'm a former college basketball player and I am almost done with my first month of accutane. Although I don't play college ball anymore, I still work out (weight lifting, pick up games, etc.) around 4-5 times a week. I can not tell any difference in my performance so far, but I do feel more sore afterwards then I would before accutane. Its not major soreness or anything, but my muscles seem tighter than usual. I just turned 21 this year, not a heavy drinker, but I do go out on the wee
  2. hey everyone, just a tip for anyone with hair loss I've found something that may help people. I started using neutrogena t gel shampoo every other day. I also condition everyday with Aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner, and then Aussie dry hair leave in conditioner. I also started using vol5 hot oil moisturizer around every week. This all seems to keep my scalp from getting too dry and has kept my hair from falling out as fast, although I still am seeing some hair thinning. Hope this helps!
  3. hey, so far i'm on week two and I notice my hair thinning. My skin is great though. I have had a couple of bumps since I started but they heal very fast. I called my derm and he said that I shouldn't be losing hair on 40 mg, and that to only take it every other day to see if hair loss stopped. He said if it did, I would go on 20 mg next course. My hair seems to be thinning more towards the back of my head because thats the way I sleep. It's not coming out in clumps or anything, but when I brush
  4. well yeah I understand that, but I mean I'm waking up and seeing 7-8 strands of hair on my pillow, and I've never had hair loss that was noticeable. I can feel my hair and just see how brittle it is and how much thinner it is, hopefully cutting back to every other day will help though
  5. Talked to the derm about an hour ago and he said hair loss was very uncommon, especially at only 40 mg and only 10 days into the treatment. He said to take the 40 mg pill every other day for a week and see if the hair loss stops. If it doesnt, I will come off the treatment. If it does stop, we will go to 20mg the next month. My face is looking better than ever, man I hate to slow down the treatment now. He asked if it was coming out in clumps, but it isnt, its just a few hairs when i brush it or
  6. hey everyone, I'm on day 10 of my accutane treatment and so far my face has been really clear. I had mild acne in the beginning and since the treatment have only got a few new bumps that went away quicker than normal. My skin just started to get dry yesterday, but I noticed my scalp is extremely dry and itchy, and I've never had that problem in my life. I also think my hair is thinning and I may be losing some. It really freaks me out since I'm only 10 days in the treatment. Does anyone have tip
  7. Thanks! That was really helpful, I hope everything continues to go well! We will have to stay in touch.
  8. Thank you both very much. Can anyone tell me how bad the initial breakout is? Does everyone get it and when can I expect it to stop?
  9. Hey guys and girls, I will be starting accutane tomorrow and I have some questions. I bought Cerave cleanser and lotion, anyone have an opinion with those and accutane? Also has anyone drank alcohol while on acctuane? I mean i'm definitely not an alcoholic but I'm in college and drink on the weeekends with my friends. And last but not least, I work out 3-4 times a week pretty heavily. Will I notice any difference while on accutane? I really appreciate any advice. God bless.
  10. my derm just prescribed me accutane and advised me not to put anything else on my skin but a mild cleanser and lotion. He said it would be like putting fuel to a fire.
  11. I wonder the exact same thing about how much girls care about that with guys. From my standpoint, I am one to look at a girls face before any other body feature, so it does matter to me. However, I think it depends on the severity of the acne/scars. I know when my acne is worse I don't have the confidence I would usually have and therefore that may have an effect on how girls look at me as well, so keep that in mind. Also I know girls with perfect skin, but horrible personalities, and am not at
  12. I have used azelaic acid and I did have some success with it. I started off on azelex which is a 20% cream and used minocycline antibiotic with it. It took about a month and a half to see results. After about 4 months I was clear, and then after about 6 months began to break out again. My doctor then switched me to finacea which is a 15% azelaic acid gel and still take minocycline, and it took some time to work as well. After about 2 months it began to have an affect, but definitely not a cure.
  13. Hey everyone, about four months ago I was put on azelex and minocycline by my doctor and I have seen positive results for the most part. I've been using Aveeno ultra calming cleanser before putting the azelex on, but I dont think it is a strong enough cleanser. What type of cleanser do you guys recommend using with Azelex? Thanks.....