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  1. Hi everyone. So today i was thinking about my life and realised that i must post this thread, because i am so depressed So at beginning of summer i said to myself to do everything what i can to get clear. So whole summer i eated tons of vegetables, vitamins, drinked about 4litres of water everyday, spent time outside on sun and fresh air, worked out in gym 4 days each week, didnt eated chocolate, chips, and other fast food, didnt smoked, drinked alchohol. And today is last day of summer, tomor
  2. Today is day 6 no noticable changes... But actually i break out much less in past 2-3 days only few small pimples. So its not getting worse. Anyway i hope to see better results in next week Good luck all.
  3. Thats a wetdream, thats normal and thats not masturbation, so relax. So guys anyway i am strating again, because of yesterday. I were so "naughty" today waked up and, oh god... About 10 new small pimples, so it makes sense. When i was on day 6 i havent breaked out and my acne started clear but... So thats definetly effects my acne, believe it or not. So its day 1 i will control myself everyday, ill try to stay busy, started reading book, going to gym. So i will update at end of this week. And i
  4. iWantBeHappy

    Improved health Improved skin Cheap! None I been taking zinc 35-60mg for about 2 weeks and only now felt effect, if new breakouts appears it heals in hours! Also i noticed amazing increased in libido and strenght. I recommend give zinc a try for atleast few months!
  5. oke guys i am quit... I dont know what happening to me but thats weird lol. I started like 2 weeks ago taking 1g of vitamin c and 30-60mg zinc. Today i masturbated 3 times and i am still horny, and acne in old places no new breakouts. Also i just increased my bench record by 35lbs, gosh i really recommend take zinc, i didnt expect that effect. so better than abstaining take zinc supplement, thats amazing. lol good luck
  6. haha i failed, actually i like abistnence it has emotional effect, when i was on day 6 i felt so self confident and so good, dont know how to explain...and ofcourse so horny and i liked that. lol anyway day 1 face hasnt changed yet lot of small pimples good luck ya all
  7. Wet dream is not masturabtion and thats is different. So you on day 5 now yes? BTW i am on day 6 i am still breaking out but much less, actually my face feels better. But... i feel verry agressive and horny, i cant explain, but i feel verry weird, like a gorrila, or something like that. lol P.S Bourne comon your record was day 4 or 5? Dude control yourself... Who will reach week 2 first? hehe
  8. You also should take like 500-1000mg of vitamin c its good for skin and overall health.
  9. What should i do if i working out in gym 4 timse a week? Carbs are verry important for physical activty... I am taking them like 250-600g/day. Is thats wrong?
  10. I been abstaining for 2 weeks and then stopped, because saw myself into mirror. When stopped abstaining and started breaking out, and realised that while i was stopping masturabtion i almost didnt breakout. Anyway 2 weeks cant show best results. So i am on day 4 or 5 cant remember, lets say its day 4 now. I feel verry horny and thats makes me crazy i am still breaking out and spots not healing. I will update soon! soz for my english So DAY 4 here
  11. Dude vilantae, b5 or whatever you used worked for you amazing. You should continue taking it. If vitamin b5 working for you its much better than accutane. Good luck ! P.S dry lips from accutane will go away in 1-2weeks completely
  12. Thanks for replies, but i stopped this. I failed. I think its myth... After 2 weeks didnt see any good improvements, only depression and mood swings. Now started taking 50mg zinc and 1g of vitamin c, hope it works better. Good luck all! log closed!
  13. Day 5 (25 days left) Acutally my face is more improved than usually...No new break outs today.