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  1. Thanks guys, I just picked up a fresh thing of Neosporin - the Neo I had tried initially was old and had experienced a broad range of temperatures, perhaps not as potent. Will give it a shot and put on tonight before bed, otherwise doing the hot washcloth compresses and air throughout the day. Couldn't find Spenco second skin lotion, still looking, but did see a product called "new skin liquid bandage" at the drugstore, any ideas about that? If you got any other secret remedies, I'm all ears
  2. Please help - If i'm posting in the wrong spot. Just let me know and i'll go to correct area. I have 3 very red and raw sores from picking/ shaving over zits. Its been just over a week since they entered my life, i only shaved once in that span, and things started looking up. But today the wound healing seemed like it stopped and is back to where i started! the zits themselves are gone but left with these red sores, they are flat, not-infected, yet still producing a slight amount of flui