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  1. So I haven't been posting often. I wish I had the time. Whenever I have a day off I am with my friends. I don't want people to think I have abandoned them, I still read all the posts! Nothing new really. I'm on my 3rd month. I'm still on 80mg a day. My PA told me that if I had a hard time remembering twice a day to just take both pills at once. I have gotten a lot better at staying on top of it now! My eczema is under control now too. I just apply insane amounts of lotion to my hands and wrists
  2. It's been a while since I posted, so I thought I would catch everyone up! Today is day 57 of my treatment. I went in on Friday to have my blood work done. I think I either go in on Friday or Monday (a week from tomorrow) for my Month 2 checkup! I'm checking....yeah, I can't find it so I will have to call tomorrow and ask. Things have been going good. My actives have gone almost all the way away...just healing up a little still. I don't think that I have had an IB at all, but I was breaking out
  3. Indygal - I'm doing pretty good at 80mg a day. I have actually been getting more oily than I was on 40 mg, but I'm sure it's because of the increased dose. I'm breaking out a bit, of course, from the excess oil production. I was expecting that though. My lips and eyes are becoming VERY dry...I'm doing my best to manage. I think that is the worst of it. Good luck with your maybe last month and hopefully you won't need an extra month. So, I'm going to keep this short because I'm on my iPod touch
  4. I had my 31 day appointment yesterday, but didn't get a chance to pick up my Rx until this morning so I had to miss one day. Oh well! I got bumped up to 80mg (40mg twice a day). The pharmacy that I go to only had Amnesteem so I'm switching brands. They didn't have two packs so I have to go back in on Monday to pick up the 2nd half. I saw a new guy yesterday since the PA that I usually see had a baby this past week! Awwww =) So I mentioned to the new guy that I was getting a bumpy rash/dry skin
  5. I totally know what your step-mom is like. Mine is the exact same way. She married my dad the summer after I graduated from high school, summer 2004. I call her a psycho-bitch too! She has come between my dad and me too. If you ever need to vent, I will listen. I know all to well what it is like. It's so depressing sometimes, but mostly I just want to stab her. LOL As for the Psychology classes. I just finished with Abnormal. Well, I can't say that, I still have my final next Tuesday, but my la
  6. Good luck! I hope you get the internship too! I know just how hard it is to find a job. I was unemployed from June 2008 until March 2009. It sucks.
  7. I'm sure that Aquaphor and Vaseline are pretty similar, but it's just that you will want to carry your lip balm with you everywhere. Vaseline isn't something that is easily taken with you. And trust me, you will want your chap stick with you at all times. I left mine in my car for two hours while I was at work one day (until my next break) and I was going crazy without it. Your lips just get so dry when you don't re-apply soon enough, so I'm constantly re-applying in fear of getting cracked lips
  8. Oh, btw. I just got my period....and I have to say that I too get overly emotional. I definitely get PMS...what can I say. I'm a woman! To top it off, I cry over the littlest things, too! Now I don't feel so pathetic...I'm not alone!
  9. I just wanted to say that we started treatment on the same day (11/23) and are one the same dosage (40mg)!! I've just started reading you log, and I absolutely LOVE it. You have so much personality in each of your posts. I hardly post in mine, it is so boring. But, I do post on this thread pretty frequently: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/start-Acc...rt-t245248.html I was so surprised when you said that you were the 1/10,000 people who are extremely allergic to BP. I AM TOO!! I found out
  10. Oh, and I also have some advise. Get Aquaphor. The stuff is amazing for your lips! I also like Nivea kiss of moisture with SPF for during the day. I started moisturizing before the dryness and I haven't had any cracked lips yet. But everyone is different... Also, try not to wash your hair every day...it will get really dry if you do.
  11. Hopefully your doctor registered you on the Ipledge system, although, how could they if they didn't have your pregnancy results? Something along the same line happened to me. My derm said he would get me registered and ready just in case I wanted to start on Accutane. I even had my blood work and pregnancy tests done. But I found out after my 2nd appointment that I hadn't actually been registered until that day. Even though I had my Rx in hand, I had to wait an additional 30 days until I could
  12. Upnorth- Thanks for the update. It's always nice to hear from people who have gone through what we are going through. I'm definitely glad to be graduating. I'm getting a generic bachelors (Integrative Studies with two minors: Psychology and Spanish). I'm going to be taking a year off (hopefully only one year) before nursing school...that means I hope to get in for next year since I didn't for this January. I plan to substitute teach in the meantime. Other than that, I will be enjoying not having
  13. Indygal- I AM so excited!! I'm graduating with an Integrative Studies Bachelor with a minors in Psychology and Spanish. I still have to get into and go through nursing school, but I'm relieved that after 5.5 years in school that I have accomplished something! It's good to hear that your levels are normal and that you got your script for month 5!! I'm sure we've all been super busy around the holidays and the end of our semesters and with work. Just keep your chin up and keep plugging away... I
  14. So I'm on day 18. I definitely have broken out a little more than normal the past few days. I'm dry, but who isn't? I'm so tired from school and work. Wow, what a week. Anyway, so I'm getting excited that the semester is almost over. I'm graduating in 9 days!! YAY! Anyway, WHERE DID EVERYONE GO??? I miss hearing your stories...