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  1. I wouldn't blame the NHS as an organisation. Both my grandparents were psychiatrists and I can't stress enough the burden of good that they left on many patients (they worked for the NHS). I've seen both public and private psychiatrists and really it comes down to the individual. I was deeply saddened to read some of your stories- because I think it reflects badly on a system made up of good and bad doctors. The only advice I can give is keep trying- there's never going to be one doctor seeing
  2. Its not clearing up quickly, but a slight improvement of the 'dark days' of jan and feb..
  3. Right so I got my dosage doubled to 40 a week and a bit ago and now my face has turned from proper bumpy to completely smooth! 1 active cyst which is dying after a couple of days and one pimple which hopefully will be gone soon. Although its smooth, there are LOADS of red marks from where my explosive acne once was (mainly on both cheeks) , if practically all my active acne has gone down, how long is it going to take for the red marks to start to fade? THanks
  4. Hi, Basically, I started accutane last October. The derm put me on an extra low dose of 10mg per day so I could 'get used to it' or something. I think they were just being extra careful about the side effects as I am on the NHS. She warned me that I would not get any side effects save some frustration that 10mg wasn't killing the acne. She told me to bear with it. So I did, and as expected nothing happened. In early December 2009 they stepped up the dosage to 20mg per day (and continue the 5
  5. Hey haha that's good to know:) yeah I am actually do you live in the UK as well?

    Actually I have gone to the derm last week and he gave me a antibiotic lotion for it and it seems to be working pretty well! hope all goes well:)

  6. Well accutane is driving me crazy with side effects! haah but its working really good :) Are u on accutane?

  7. Hey I got your comment :) When did you start breaking out badly? I broke out over the summer :(

  8. b00

    Hey! I'm doing great, :) how about you?

    and oh my god, i'm excited for you :D how long have you been on it so far?

  9. b00

    ahahaha i'll admit I adore the food channel. I have it on all the time.

    and i just added you, my msn is [email protected] :)

  10. b00

    lmao no, the majority of americans (including myself) find that show to be strictly amusing and comical.

    and nooo I dont :( , i have msn though?

  11. b00

    OH, that's kind of cool actually. fresh prince :) will smith is tha best. and that 70's show is even better.

  12. b00

    Sleep? O_O what time is it over there? aw , i'll miss you hahaha.

    i can't be any happier that tomorrow is friday :D

  13. b00

    I knowww, i was so happy when i found that song. and no, you're so lucky! i'd kill to live in london. i do love ny though. ahaha a change of scenery would be nice anyway. i've been really good, i'm about to go on a run. yourself?

  14. b00

    good to hear :)

    And I absolutely love this song. i run alot, so I plan on downloading it and running to it soon. I've been listening to this a lot lately

  15. b00

    Ahhh I see. yeah, when it's winter here i get pretty down. Hopefully this year it'll be different :/

    how was your day?