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  1. I hear you. I've not been on Spiro but I had a similar thing the first time I did a course of Accutane, and I've also got the history of severe depression (I'm finally coming off my venlafaxine/Effexor after 6 years). I really hope the Spiro helps for you. Having said that, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to mix an isotretinoin topical with BP. Did your derm say that was ok? I was told not to use both because it can just cause more inflammation. I hate taking antibiotics long-term because
  2. Hi Michelle, no I literally have no risk factors. I'm 26, a healthy weight, don't smoke, have normal blood pressure and zero family history of blood clots. On the other hand I do have a history of severe depression, which is definitely linked to my acne, and nobody seems to mind that making me switch carries a risk of making that worse. It's ridiculous. Thanks Kim, I think moving to Canada might be a bit extreme but then again my derm said that many people with hormonal acne find it sorts itsel
  3. So the last month or so I've been on a new birth control pill - Marvelon - because my GP has told me repeatedly that I cannot stay on Dianette in the long term. As most of you who have taken Dianette will know, this is supposedly because it is associated with a higher risk of blood clots than other birth control pills. I am not sure about the rules in the USA but if you're in the UK and using the NHS, it is exclusively prescribed as an acne treatment, not a birth control pill, and it seems to be
  4. I had moderate/severe cystic acne for almost 10 years before starting accutane and had tried literally everything else, including Dan's regime, and nothing worked. I took 30mg a day for three months, and it has literally changed my life. I have 100% clear skin most of the time, and when I get the occasional spot, they are small and they clear up really quickly. The change is unbelievable. Only a year ago I would have several big cysts at a time and a lot of the time I was too ashamed and miserab
  5. I've not tried it, but it makes sense. Hydrocortisone is a steroid and is used to treat inflammation and swelling, so you should find it helps at least somewhat.
  6. It doesn't matter how long you're on it, what matter is how much you take in total by the end of the course. So if you are on a lower dose, you have to stay on it longer, but you might get fewer side-effects.
  7. That stage of accutane treatment where you've been taking it a while and you can't see results yet is the worst part. Especially because your skin is so delicate. I know how much it sucks, but you just have to hang in there and wait it out. Nobody can tell you exactly how long it will take, because everyone's body responds differently. You can pretty much guarantee that it will start to work. If your skin isn't dry, then you might need a higher dose so I would bring it up with your dermatologist
  8. Ask your dermatologist to recommend a pharmacy. Not many pharmacies keep Isotretinoin in stock as a rule. But my dermatologist knew a pharmacy where they kept it in stock, and he called them in advance so they knew I was coming and made sure it would be there. It's good to ask your doctor about these things, they can usually help if they're a good one. Take care. x
  9. It takes a while. I think it took 10-12 weeks for me. Some people don't find their skin completely clears until after they have finished their course. It will work, just give it time.