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  1. I have been using honey and vinegar on my face for about a week now. It's helped my nose clear of blackheads and all pimples but my forehead has a bit of a ways to go. I think the honey helps most with red spots and the vinegar seems to shrink the pimple down. http://clearskin4me.com/viewtopic.php?t=1809 go there and it talks all about the honey method.
  2. yeah I only use mine at night too and I dont have a problem with it. But I think if you find a really good moisturizer it would be ok to use throughout the day.
  3. Thanks! Do you know of any other brands that are good besides Nivea?
  4. If you have really pale skin, do you think it would look pretty fake/unatural if you used it?
  5. I tried it and found that it worked a little bit, but the queen helene mint julep mask works better.
  6. If you do use the extra virgin olive oil, dont use too much. before you open it, tip it upside down so that some sticks to the cap. then open it up and only use the stuff left on the cap.
  7. I'm sooo happy for you Rabb1t! I want to start using dans regimen as well since I saw your great results. I was just wondering, do you have like an initial breakout?
  8. thanks! im gonna look at nordstroms and some other department stores first. if they dont have it ill order some.
  9. cool, i have never heard of that before. where did you get yours?
  10. how has it worked so far? keep us posted!
  11. cool! let me know how it goes. yeah, the water might work better. i forgot to add that since you have sensitive skin.
  12. hey i was reading a magazine article about how you can make you own lipglos with vaseline and pixie sticks. if you really want different colors you can put like a pink pixie stick or something in it. i might try that even though it may sound crazy! lol