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  1. auto ignoring fish? Theres huge differences between red meat , white meat, salt fish etc...
  2. 1) Age & Severity of Acne. 17 moderate acne. Mostly mouth area and forehead. 2) Did Supplements: Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary Supplements, Homeopathic Treatments work for you? I dont know zinc might help but to many variables. 3) Did Detoxes, Fasts, or Cleanses (parasite, candida, etc) work for you? Did none 4) Did Liver Flush, Colonics, etc work for you? Did none 5) Did Dietary Changes work for you? Yes its able to clear up 50-60% of my acne in 1.5months paleo after 8months of
  3. me neither, I hope Ill never get in an accident xD Which diet makes more sense. All real foods, and then those that make you feel best Easier approach, you don't have to buy those silly books, it might even be better, and less stress. and yep floating compared to the western diet the blood type diet is so good. Any of them. So most of the people (that go from western to blood type diet) will praise the diet...
  4. no I think I havent. I have read some stuff on the site, watched some vids. It makes sense. But you can make so much things make sense. For example: Fact: Fatty foods make a lot of people more satisfied. Interpretation 1: It satisfies you because your getting your daily requirements of nutrients and wont be craving fatty foods any more. Interpretation 2: It is bad for you and your body is telling you I dont want that evil stuff in me any more. I mean both make "sense", but is it true? (pro
  5. haha poke, but ppl is meat to So your not a veggie. I just dont think this diet is true. I dont know but it seems to me that the book doesnt really give real evidence. And ppl claiming it works are probably just lucky. There are probably enough people that wont thrive on their blood type diet at all. You only wont hear from them as much as the people it works for.
  6. simple, you find a vaccine for p.acnes, the bajillion dollars spent on acne products goes down the drain Or they are already trying that but it doesnt work, or it doesnt reduce acne. Plz stop the conspiracy theories, and btw it doesnt apply to this one. Because if they find it and it works they can patent it and make loads of money.
  7. thats true ayla although its starting to get into organic meat also -.- Its getting so screwed up...
  8. Tell that one to my bf. He seems to think that if I work hard enough I can have the anorexic-skinny body I had when I was a younger teen. who likes that anyway... He just has bad taste Yeah. He says he can't help it; he's just attracted to super skinny girls. Then date a 12-year-old. That would be sick XD
  9. Tell that one to my bf. He seems to think that if I work hard enough I can have the anorexic-skinny body I had when I was a younger teen. who likes that anyway... He just has bad taste
  10. That blood type thing is never proven... You are probably refering to the blood type diet right? (o=paleo ...=vegetarian etc) nonetheless onions are great foods. I would eat them regularly unless they give you gas. (they do for me but I time them so they wont give me problems around other ppl)
  11. well there isnt a big chance youll die right? As long as you are young... I still eat some tomatoes and lettuce. But im gonna reduce that for now. Also not going to make green smoothies.
  12. http://www.goteborgdaily.se/news/german-ou...rease-in-sweden I dont know if most of you people have heard about this already but currently a lot of people in germany and some other countries in europe are ending up in the hospital after ingesting cucumbers. This is not some kind of unique case. studies also show this, eg: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19919536 I remember a study showing that 10% of dutch spinach has ESBL. Although it was a very small study and probably not so accurate.
  13. poke check her left cheek/left besides her mouth (right for us). To me that looks like progress...
  14. 3 days is still very reasonable for a breakout. So just continue the nightshades. Unless the breakouts continue further the next few weeks. You really should watch out with excluding good foods from your diet to quickly. Youll end up with only a few foods left in your diet for nothing.