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  1. I can promise you that sugar will always make acne worse...if you avoid it like the plague you will have a lot less spots and what you do have will be less inflamed. Replying as I read you ate three candybars in one day (bad boy) lolz. I mean I do like to have fun but its not worth it mate :-)

  2. So when you're clear you won't be coming round here much anymore huh :'(
  3. I hate the one with bieber where he is outside with his friends playing basketball. "oh hi camera, didn't see you there, so great to be outside with clear skin proactive, proactive clear skin mm its so lovely to be clear and confident.proactive." fuck that kid.
  4. I'm real curious to know what i would look like if I scrubbed up like these celebs, bet i'd look hot
  5. cook for yourself. my parents wouldn't listen to me so I just didn't eat what they gave me until they got the message. I love cooking now, lean chicken breast, tasty recipes
  6. This one time I was in bed and could hear my bro rubbing one out in his room, wasn't too nice.
  7. I'm angry right now, sitting here on my PC listening to music but also listening to my room-mate fucking next door, the walls are very thin. He seems to be pretty good at it unless shes faking.
  8. holy shit sometimes i beat it 8 times a day.. I just get bored. Maybe why I have acne.
  9. I didn't go out much in my teens and I. didn't really develop much socially so I guess I haven't really found who I am yet. There was this one time when this really shy kid came into the class to the point where he would just stand outside against the wall and the teachers couldn't get him to come in, the teacher specifically chose me out of like 100 people to go out and speak to him, he said "this is sam, hes not going to be all in your face and rude you can totally relax with him" which felt
  10. swap the alcohol for chicken breast and work out.
  11. When I workout my face goes all red and makes my marks even worse. I workout at home.
  12. I think in the morning my eyes are more blury and unfocused.. once Ii rub the sleep from my eyes then im back to fugly