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  1. i finished up a 5 months on accutane about 3 months ago, ive noticed a little bit of acne coming back on my chest and a little on my face. i was wondering if anyone has ever went back and took a low dose on there second time using accutane. is it possible to get like 20 mg pills? or a dose that wont make me extremly dry?
  2. i went to the derm today after my first month of accutane, he said to make sure i do not moisterize my face because doing so will hide the full results of the accutane, should i listen to him or does that sound kind of odd that he would be saying that?
  3. dont worry about the side effects, i just finished my first month and the doc put me on 80mg a day. the only side effects ive had were dryness, dont be scared ab out the side effects, ive already seen the most improvement than i have with any other product.
  4. so ive been on accutane for 3 and 1/2 weeks and my face looks great, everyday it gets better.... now right before i was on accutane i took solodyn and epiduo for a topical and my face got r ealllllllly bad... is it possible for my medication prior to accutane took the IB or should i still be geting an initial breakout?
  5. accutane has caused me sooo much dandruff and its very annoying...... whats a goodproduct to use?
  6. i was also on solodyn before i started taking accutane and its been 3 weeks and my face is better than its been in months of taking every possible acne medication i have yet to break outt
  7. ive only been on accutane for a week, and i already see my face clearing up a lot, is this a good sign or does this mean that ill still get hit with a wicked break out?
  8. i currently have acne scaring, i wasnt planning on doing any type of laser treatment. What would you consider the best cream/oil out there for very shallow scars?