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  1. A few tips; Sleep - Get yourself as much sleep as your body needs. Only you know how many hours that is. Washing - Don't use any shit on your face. No creams or soaps or nothing. Just use warm water and gently splash/rub for a few seconds. Moisturiser - Use Vaseline after showers and when you wake up in the morning if you have dry skin. Shaving - Use a good quality electric shaver. Lip balm - Try not to use it. Gradually use less and less and put up with dry lips until they heal t
  2. I've decided to let you know how my acne has changed since I first posted on here a few months back. For a background into how my acne has been in the past please read some of my previous blog entries. My skin looks and feels really good now and there are a number of certain reasons for this. Acne products are designed to generate a profit for the supplier. I realise washing is a somewhat essential part of living. When I used to shower which is the only time of the day I clean my face my f