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  1. yup. i get it too, ive been on accutane for about 3 months now, every morning i wake up with a dry throat. but since ur lips, hands and face is drying (as mentioned to be common symptoms) , i wouldnt worry too much about the throat being dry
  2. yes accutane is a pill, its rather expensive and is only recommended for patients that have severe acne
  3. im on my 3rd day of accutane (10mg twice a day, then after 2 weeks, 3 10mg pills daily) and ive noticed that the "webbing" between both my hands have gone dryer then usual. it could either be accutane starting to work or its cuz of the hundreds of bags i carry since im a bagboy. my question is, does anyone moisturize their hands while on accutane? if so do we just use normal hand lotion? (jengers, etc.) thx /
  4. yup, the green bottle. thanks for your help 8-[
  5. are you also using using the regimen while on accutane? i got sick of plopping shit on my face day after day (it felt disgustingly weird) so for a few months i quit doing it and it seemed my acne has come back
  6. ive read people's experiences with accutane on this board and all seem to suffer from dryness (face, lips, etc.). my question is if you would recommend using the cetaphil skin moisturizer (the one shown in dan's regimen) while on accutane. thx
  7. odd. my doc (not a derm, but a family physician) that i just switched over to and saw for the 1st time immediatly put me on accutane. i just took my blood test 2 days ago, so ill be starting my dosage (10mg) pretty soon edit - not too sure about the dosage lol....either 10 or 100 mg :-k
  8. please bring this economy size bp to canada
  9. i heard somewhere before that acne is a disease. is that true or did i hear wrong!!!!! thx :)/
  10. woo hoo! =D> =D> =D> now only cheeks, and jaw line left lol. ({|=
  11. what would u substitute for bread? cuz i love bread :-k
  12. i use that too. i like it also. kinda pricy though, for 1 bar
  13. when should i apply lemon juice if im using the regimen? and how much is should i use?