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  1. Keep us updated! I have a similar nose so I'm also looking at options!
  2. Similar nose to yours, I tried infini but that didn't work at all.
  3. I agree with Tokra. You and you alone are letting your scars ruin your life. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the way you're feeling is your fault. What I mean is that you should try to adopt a different state of mind. I've felt horribly depressed about my skin, when I had acne it was the acne, then when I didn't get acne anymore it was the big pores on my nose that bothered me more than anything in the world. I would shun any interaction with people, I would stay inside all day and avoi
  4. As mentioned above, this is all due to your self-esteem issues. There is no such thing as objectivity in human behaviour, but I know what you mean; people would scale her higher on the attractive chart than they would you. Okay, even so, the fact that she's into you suggests that you have some sort of attractiveness to her that outweighs your acne. She was able to look past your acne and look at your qualities. These are the kinds of people you want in your life. If she's into you that's all
  5. I'm absolutely sure these do not give me cysts. I can eat sugar, wheat, eggs and butter in any form of preparation out there. Actually, my diet right now is just to avoid eating anything that contains apples. I can eat junk food all I want, and I might get some pimples but as soon as I eat anything that contains an apple I get painful cysts. Enough evidence for me to never touch an apple again. I DON'T have any reaction to topical ACV however, I can smear that stuff all over my face and nothing
  6. Hi Guys, just wanted to share my finding with you. I'm now 100% sure apples give me cystic acne. I had a big hunch previously but I wanted to test my hypothesis yesterday (also my mom had baked a delicious apple crumb pie). Surprise surprise, this morning I woke up with a big, fat, early stage cyst on my forehead. Now, I'm absolutely not saying apples are bad for you. Alls I want to share is that you might be sensitive to certain foods. I wasn't aware of my sensitivity to apples till
  7. Your skin looks perfectly fine, probably better than 80% of the population, don't worry about it m8. Personally I wouldn't do anything beside SPF, eat healthy and exercise.
  8. Hi Notquiteme, I have the exact same problem. I dont have much scarring that bothers me, just these pores on my nose. As for washing or not, I really don't know what's better. If i wash my skin it clears up my pores but gets really flaky and dry (so i have to moisturize) and after a while oily again. I'm not sure but I think I usually get those clogged pores (the ones when they get extracted they leave a hole in the skin) because my skin is overreacting to the soap or the moisturizer. It cou
  9. Thanks for the tips, i second the masturbation theory
  10. Hey Beender20. Thanks for the advice. I've tried using no products for my skin for a couple of months already but it really didn't work out for me. However, I've started using Alpha Hydrox enhanced lotion and the foaming face wash for a couple of weeks now and this stuff works really well for me. It doesn't dry my skin at all but it really clears my skin. By far the best products I've found that works for my skin. I don't even have to moisturize it but I might try some hyaluronic acid moisturiz
  11. Thanks so much! I'll give these tips a try!
  12. Hi I need some advice on products from you guys. Whenever I wash my face with products, soap or face wash it leaves my face really dry. I need to wash it with products because my skin gets really oily after a while and forms hardened plugs in my pores which is really annoying. Also the soap I use now doesn't completely get rid of the plugs as is. Do you know any face wash that clears your skin really well (preferably with AHA or BHA) and a moisturizer that moisturizes really well but is not gr
  13. Ok bryan prepare to be testimonialized against. I can definitely say that for me washing my face less frequently with soap/facewash has caused a dramatic decrease in sebum production. Whenever I wash my face with face wash my face will become shiny and really really greasy after a couple of hours, like little droplets forming inside pores and forming hard plugs. Last month I've tried not washing as frequently (from daily washing to once or twice a week). The same schedule holds for shampooing
  14. I agree with Tortuga, a lot of people have these (including me). I was really bothered by them but I found out that other people don't care as much as I did. see my post on this thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/262058-started-my-dermaroller-on-nose-pores-tonight/page__st__80
  15. Hey guys just wanted to give you a quick update. I've been very well lately, I don't care half as much about my nose as I used to. Still difficult sometimes, especially when i'm close to someone in bad lighting but sooo much better on the whole. Berrynose i have a large nose as well, personally I don't think a nosejob will help, my father has a small nose and you can see the pores really good on him as well. Try seeing a shrink first, it really helped me (see below)! What I've done that