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  1. I know that things such as carbohydrates cause me to break out. I stay away from alcohol, dairy and omega 6 fats. I do eat complex carbs such as oats (with blue berries) but i try not to overdo it. I know that if the carbs are over 30 or so maybe 50 grams in a meal its a guarantee breakout (for me). I have never been on accutane but i feel that if i was when i was younger i wouldn't have the scars i have now. I hope it helps your situation.
  2. I have been doing ok thank you for asking Yes i have. In December 2017 I had a CO2 laser treatment (Total fx which is active fx +deep fx from Ultrapulse co2 laser). I don't know that it helped much. I really appreciate that. I'm always looking to try to improve. I've come to realize that I may never have smooth skin but i have not given up I hope you've been doing well and have had some success Hi I'm sorry. I have been away for a long time. I had a CO2 laser treatme
  3. Does anyone know his name? :(

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      Lol it's about time ! Sorry for all the messages :/ had a lot i needed to get off my chest 

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      I know. its been a really long time since i've logged on. 

      Its ok. you're fine 

  4. Does anyone know how to contact him ?

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      I'm sorry I've been away for so long

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      You're fine , just glad to get in contact with you. 

  5. I Had my follow up today. I wasn’t expecting treatment honestly but it happened. I asked about different options including what was my number one interest- fully ablative co2. My doctor advised against it because of my particular skin type. He recommended microneedling but I haven’t had much success after nearly 3 years of it. (I do have the Derminator) Perhaps plastic surgeons/ dermatologists have microneedling equipment that are much more effective but from my experience, the microneedling mac
  6. I have my follow up tomorrow. I have to go to work soon and dont have time to reply. It would be nice if this website was easier to work with. I'm uploading a few pics i took after MANY pictures. Either my phone is not very good at taking pictures or perhaps its me. I selected the pictures that depicted the worst in my skin. I'm sure i could do better under better lighting but i tried. I will try to update within the next few days. As you will see in the pictures. Lighting makes a si
  7. -One year follow up tomorrow (Wednesday 09.13.17) post 3 subcisions in one year Aug 2016/Jan 2017/June 2017 No lasers. (taking everyone’s advice to go against) may opt for subcision again (don’t know which filler and if subcision and filler is done on the same day). Does anyone know if filler and subcision is done on the same day? i've been swollen immediately after subcision so its hard to imagine even more "filling"/swelling in my skin. Curious to see what a one year be
  8. How is your skin coming along? its been a year since my first subcision. Improvements in my skin but not near where i thought i would be by now.
  9. I've been having TCA peels since 2013. They don't do much if anything for acne scars. I've microneedled since 2013. I have the derminator. Plenty of bloody microneedling sessions that required me to hide for 3 days. 3 subcision treatments that didn't live up to what i thought they would. I've been positive about the treatments but there is a difference between positivism and straight lying to myself. Why do you say CO2 will do nothing? I'm aiming for fully ablative CO2. Not fractional. I'
  10. I've had 3 subcision treatments. Aug 2016/Jan2017/June 2017. I think i'm ready to move on. I've considered fillers because i dont think subcision truly yielded the results i desired. Improvements yes but not where i thought i would be. Still an option but i feel i'm ready to move on. Fillers or Fully ablative CO2 laser for me.
  11. 27 yo male -10+ years of acne scars I've had light-medium chemical peels and have managed to minimize acne -numerous microneedling (dermarollers and needling pens) -three subcision treatments within past year slight improvements but still have severe acne scars. Considered fillers initially Skeptic about lasers but Fully ablative co2 seems promising. Convinced fully ablative is superior to fractional. Downtime not a concern. Results are priority. Please help. i'm Committed and
  12. I've had improvement with my skin after three subcision treatments within one year. However, it is far from where i'd like to be. I still have severe acne scars and feel as though i will be moving on from subcision. at least momentarily until i decide what my next move is. I have my one year follow up next week. I've been looking into laser (fully ablative co2). Initially i wanted to get fillers but fillers will be a temporary treatment that may not yield results. after extensive research, i'm
  13. DAY 2- Saturday 06.17.17 Slightly swollen, still bruised and somewhat painful to the touch DAY 3-Sunday 06.18.17 Slightly swollen, slight bruising DAY 4- Monday 06.19.17 Went back to work tonight. slight bruising, but light enough to go back to work. DAY 5-Tuesday 06.20.17 Clearing up a bit. not much swelling. skin feels smooth DAY 6- Wednesday 06.21.17 Day off. Not much pain. s
  14. How is your progress coming along? I just had my third subcision treatment yesterday
  15. DAY 1- Friday 06.16.17 First day post subcision. Slightly painful but only to the touch . Still swollen. Bruising on each side of the face.