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  1. maybe post some pics so we can better understand your situation
  2. Hey man! I'm 19 years old asian male, so i'll give u some tips about how i took care of my complexion: I took accutane about 6 months ago and i broke out REALLY badly, and made me feel drained and tired often without 8+ hours of sleep. After looking at your pictures, it seems like you still have active acne, so don't even think about dealing with "red marks" and scars without getting rid of the active stuff first. Be sure to try all the other oral medications such as antibiotics before you jump
  3. Tater how much do you weigh and how old are you? 160 MG of accutane a day is a pretty severe dose. The higher doses of accutane you take, the more likely you will get long term side effects and long term damage to your body. Please be careful when taking that sort of dosage.
  4. i was using that Olay Complete for sensitive skin, but they changed the formula for it now and it really irritates me... i was on 40mg-40-80-80. then quit after 4 months cuz accutane was making me depressed btw. i got chicken pox 1 month after i finished accutane so i'm pretty sure at one point i had WAYY more red marks than u. Now, they're vanishing as time goes on and it's been about 5.5 months post accutane
  5. Hey Marinann, ur acne really doesnt' seem that bad at all and the scarring seems like just red marks which fades naturally over time. My face was worse than that about 5 months ago after i just got off accutane + then got chicken pox! I had so many red marks, but now it has faded somewhat and is only a light pink colour. For me what works is washing with cetaphil so i don't irritate it more, exercise to get the blood flowing, eat some fruits like an apple a day. The key is to not do anything to
  6. Those scars don't look that deep at all. Unless u have enough money to dish out for lasers, i'd just let them fill in naturally over time. When it comes to shallow scars, don't be too hasty or else u might make the situation worse
  7. Hey good luck with accutane, i broke out horribly in the beginning too, but i think the red marks will fade faster with accutane because your skin is shedding so much faster. Try not to freak out during the initial breakout since i got a terrible one too. The only thing you can do is tough it out and use a gentle cleanser and moisturize A LOT or else you'll get more red marks like i did during accutane. I'm not sure if you're going to peel because you're on a lower dose, but don't exfoliate at a
  8. Just wondering, what brand of ACV are you using? I hear the supermarket ones are useless because they're processed and not organic
  9. Wow very well discussed thread, i'll just add my own experiences with accutane so that i can get your opinions on it. I took 4 months of accutane 40-40-80-80 i'm 19 years old, 165lbs Male. I stopped after 4 months because i was getting depressed and couldn't concentrate (these side effects went away almost immediately after stopping my course). As for flushing, i recall the flushing starting during the 2nd month of treatment, and i'd just flush randomly during the day at school for unknown rea
  10. Everybody needs to read this amazing girl's story to gain some perspective and to learn from her positive attitude and courage in dealing with people while physically disfigured because of that tragic event. God bless her and i wish her the best in her life. I agree with Christoff that she has a great personality and i'd be honoured to be her friend.
  11. just curious, how can u be sure if you have clinical depression or just mild depression?
  12. are u taking protein shakes or any other suppliments? I find if i drink any of those i get acne right away
  13. 19 y/o male here attending university here. Your post completely describes my thought processes that i go through so often when i'm trying to convince myself that i'll regret not doing what i want to do now in the future. P.S. I love your new regimen spikey i've been lazily doing that regimen for the past couple of weeks now
  14. Lyssa- your post is really inspirational and honest to me ( a 19 year old guy). I checked out your profile and it says you're 14?! You're going to get far in life with that type of attitude and maturity at that age i promise you. You've already learned how to deal with stupid people and to not let their negativity bother you and that's one of the best things that i've learned in the past year or so also. Although it might not have seemed it at the time, what doesn't us makes us stronger and it'