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  1. lets make this a partyyyy!!! i'm in too. away with porn and masturbation... for my face and my confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just masterbated a ton the past few days.... and i developed huge pimples.... ugh..... Day 1
  2. I have this same problem. The edges around my nose are especially flakey. What actually happened is that I ended up applying a bunch more than normal moisturizer at night and more in the day. It eventually eliminates the flakiness (after 2-4 days). Downside is that you are left with oily shiney skin. My solution to that is to blot the oil away. I wait 20-30 minutes after moisturizing to do this (only in the morning, no one sees my oiley face at night..., but blot if you're going out at nig
  3. Nah, I was just wondering if you did. Cream-based products tend to have heavier occlusives and more humecants in them, which is why they can feel heavier and greasier especially on oily skin. Some people with oilier skin have only used creamy products so they wonder why their skin feels sticky and sweaty, which switching to a lighter "moisturizer" usually corrects that. Lotions can have the same, higher viscosity (thickness) as gels, but lotions tend to have more skin-softeners and humecants tha
  4. Sweet. I'm glad you found something that worked for you. I'll keep .05% Tazorac and 75 mg Minocycline 2x a day in mind while I am experimenting with prescription stuff.
  5. Would I drink green tea, or is the treatment actually like eating leaves? And how does AHA exfoliate, won't there still be dead skin cells around if I don't wash them off? AHA is just like a cream right? When would I use it exactly? I just thought of AHA as a spot treatment. How much zinc would you recommend? Thanks ItalianBoy
  6. It looks like you have pustules and papules www.acne.org/whatisacne.html ? At least in my opinion. And like everyone else is saying, your skins not that bad! There's hope.
  7. I disagree. I think the overall picture of me smiling was a little misleading as the lighting was much darker. I've left the pictures that I think accurately shows the extent of my acne. I have very visible pimples on my nose now and around the nose. My upper side of the face definitely shows red marks in my opinion. Thanks for looking, I probably am being anal about my face. But I'd rather be safe than sorry. Tim
  8. Hey all, My name is Tim. I'd appreciate it if someone could give their opinion on what I have on my face. Also, are the white specs on my face "flakes" or dry skin? What kind of scars are there? BTW, I have purchased Dan's Kit and Jojoba oil and AHA+. I've been on it for 4 days now. NOSE UPPER SIDE LOWER NOSE Sincerely with much thanks, Tim