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  1. I had an extremely bad allergic reaction to Minocycline that took nearly a month to get over. NOW i have acne AND a $1,000 ER bill! I am suppose to start taking ERYTHROMYCINS tomorrow, but of course I have my reservations now...
  2. thanks for the advice, I will look into all of this and let you know what happens... THANKS!
  3. I am 24 & I've never had bad acne just the occasional pimple. A few months ago I started breaking out, I don't know if it was stress, summer tanning, or whatever else. I tried all the brands aveeno, proactiv, Borba, neutrogena, cetaphil, acne free, i've tried benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid... everything. Anything I try seems to make my skin worse and worse. My biggest concern is that I use to have beautiful skin, but now my skin is all bumpy and is covered with super small bumps filled