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  1. I think everyone have those days when they feel they don't look their best, i guess probably the same reason why you can wake up feeling happy one day for no reason, and wake up feeling depressed the other day. I don't think there's a reason for it, but it's okay, it's just life. Stay positive, don't let it bother you, and move on with your life. Don't let it keep you away from all other good things in your life. and don't listen to inconsiderate comments. First of all, you don't need the othe
  2. sure i remember you :) sam has lots of friends tho. Wedding is always nice and fun (and good food). I've been to one recently too :D

  3. lol, i was thinking this guy looks like sam.

  4. Hey, thanks for the love :) I'm doing alright, just kinda busy with something these days. How are you doing?

  5. I think if the reason you don't want to go out, is afraid to be seen or socialized, then you really should try to walk out of your comfort zone, and get socialized. However there is nothing wrong with not interested in partying, drinking and smoking. Everyone has their own way to enjoy their time. If a quiet lifestyle is what makes you happy, so be it. I do let my friends know I don't love to party, and they understand and respect that.
  6. the way I see it is that, if both the male and female has the same level of acne, and the question is who can live better socially, then I think it's the girl,given that they both emotionally affected by acne the same way Cause the girl can use make up and hide the acne, and go out to have a (better) social life.
  7. for me I actually like to smack a bit of tomato into the honey. I think you can use any honey, btut pick somehting that's more.... organic. (just in case if there're any un-organic honey....). But I hear manuka honey is the top choice (easy to find). I'm just using lychee honey that i have in the kitchen. Just that as if said, honey is drippy, so the oatmeal might thicken it up. I also add egg white in it sometimes ... so it's just like cooking.... whatever I feel like I want to put on my skin.
  8. i can understand that, and the only way is to put some with anti-itchiness in it....
  9. OMG, you're so right on the "mirror" zit. a lot of times, when I get one zit on one side, sooner or later, the other side of my face actually would have a clogged pore around the same location. This is the only time when I believe in the theory of Chinese medicine. The theory that there are reflective area on your face. For example, if you got problem with your digestive system, it should reflect on your cheek, that's why both cheeks got affected. (this is not the exact right references abou
  10. I'm the one who's going to give you crap about surgery, the thing about plastic surgery is that, once you get one thing done, you'll put your focus onto another "flaw" on your body. It's never going to end. You can keep buying clothes, changing shoes, but can you skin handle that? when you bought a pair of sneakers that don't really fit you, you can return them and get a refund, but plastic surgery? I have always heard of Asian, especially females, trying to look prettier by having the plastic
  11. La Roche-Posay, Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel
  12. warh, this is so hard to believe it's the same person! like you've no scars and no marks what so ever. congratulations
  13. I know, lots of the time it's hard to keep the honey on, cause they're dripping everywhere lol but I'm fine with that.... maybe you can add in some oatmeal to thicken up the consistency........ and sometimes I think putting things I can eat down my stomach, onto my skin, is better than putting chemicals on. anyway, honey is cheap have you ever find out what happened if you cut the supplements?
  14. I'm sure your beautiful kids make you forget about the bad skin days Also try to stay stree free! I've heard that building a house is totally stressfull, but when the result comes out, eveything will worth it!
  15. katharine

    my spots

    Can't believe I'm posting my face without makeup online lol. I don't break out as bad as some people, but I pick them a lot... so red marks and some scars are my main problem. I got oily type of skin and lots of blackheads on and around my nose. Any comments is appreciated, thanks :)
  16. From the album: my spots

    I just found this spot starting to pop up right before I go to bed. I put on a thick layer of Neosporin and sleep. The next morning, by 10am, under the same florescent light, the spot already stopped growing, and the redness has been noticeably reduced. I applied Neosporin again, and the redness faded further within an hour. This proves why I love Neosporin so much, I wish I have discovered it earlier. Cause the same type of zit left those marks on my right-chin in other pictures, that are still
  17. just wanted to say it's nice reading your log. looks like you're in good spirit
  18. I mostly break out under the corner of my mouth as well. Hope the new BP is working well for you
  19. I think the most basic things to have would be : 1.Concealer 2.Foundation 3.lipstick you really have to go into the stores and try things out and see what works for your skin tone. Look for products that are not oil based. Clinique might be a good brand to start with. Also search around this forum, there are some good discussions laying around. From those 3, you can start to add on these: 4.blush 5.powder 6.lip glass 7.eye shadow. just try not to start with some crazy color, unless you're sur
  20. so after this zitz popped in august, the pus came back and forth a lil while, and finally in september, not pus are building there anymore however, till now, the red mark still looks pretty much the same except it's no longer an open wound. It still get red like it's inflamed if i put some salicylic acid on it to fade the marks, and sometimes it itches it takes a few days for the redness to die down, but the mark would be exactly the same as before but if i stop using any products on it, it
  21. please, remember that acne/appearances is not everything. don't be that harsh on yourself. what I think is, before you get acne, when your face is clear without an acne. you can care less about other people having acne. and you still talk to people with acne, you treated them same as you treat everyone else. so right now when you have acne, why would other people care if you have acne or not. to your friends, your colleague, you're the same person to them, you're still their friends. you a
  22. that might be the sugar instead