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    Getting rid of hyper-pigmentation and travelling.
  1. cos it is me lol :P, how u been kath?

  2. I think everyone have those days when they feel they don't look their best, i guess probably the same reason why you can wake up feeling happy one day for no reason, and wake up feeling depressed the other day. I don't think there's a reason for it, but it's okay, it's just life. Stay positive, don't let it bother you, and move on with your life. Don't let it keep you away from all other good things in your life. and don't listen to inconsiderate comments. First of all, you don't need the othe
  3. sure i remember you :) sam has lots of friends tho. Wedding is always nice and fun (and good food). I've been to one recently too :D

  4. lol, i was thinking this guy looks like sam.

  5. ah i see, lol you remember me? im marisa, sam's friend :), welll i just got back from a wedding, it was kinda fun! i didnt dance tho :)

  6. Hey, thanks for the love :) I'm doing alright, just kinda busy with something these days. How are you doing?

  7. hey kat, hope you're doing ok:)

  8. Yay! Elderly people. haha. I work at a senior citizen home :) it's a fun place, shh! Well my moisturizer....it works really nice, I'm not as dry as before, but I am still flaking just a bit near my jaw.

  9. I think if the reason you don't want to go out, is afraid to be seen or socialized, then you really should try to walk out of your comfort zone, and get socialized. However there is nothing wrong with not interested in partying, drinking and smoking. Everyone has their own way to enjoy their time. If a quiet lifestyle is what makes you happy, so be it. I do let my friends know I don't love to party, and they understand and respect that.
  10. the way I see it is that, if both the male and female has the same level of acne, and the question is who can live better socially, then I think it's the girl,given that they both emotionally affected by acne the same way Cause the girl can use make up and hide the acne, and go out to have a (better) social life.
  11. Oh I'm okay, thanks for asking :) Just been going through some stuff lately <33 How have you been?

  12. for me I actually like to smack a bit of tomato into the honey. I think you can use any honey, btut pick somehting that's more.... organic. (just in case if there're any un-organic honey....). But I hear manuka honey is the top choice (easy to find). I'm just using lychee honey that i have in the kitchen. Just that as if said, honey is drippy, so the oatmeal might thicken it up. I also add egg white in it sometimes ... so it's just like cooking.... whatever I feel like I want to put on my skin.
  13. i can understand that, and the only way is to put some with anti-itchiness in it....