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  1. When antibiotics stop working did your skin become more oily?
  2. I might be going on Accutance in 3 months and i had a blood test about 3 weeks ago and now my docter has rung to say they want to see me.Why? Am worried about my results.What do they look for beside liver problems which i would be surpise if that what it about cause i try and eat healthy and do not drink.
  3. Databased is it possible that ibs is caused by not getting enough sun like acne?
  4. I have just started taking vit d but would like to try the vitamin pill in 3 month time.Where can you buy the pills?
  5. On week 8 my skin clear up for me and 2 week later my back clear up
  6. I have been taking lymecycline ahour later with a vitamin pill which has zinc and iron in it.I have been taking 3 when you are support to only take one would this be the reason why i have spots? I have been doing this for week and had a break out.
  7. I try getting off lymecycline but when i got down to taking 2 aweek on the six week i started breaking out.But not as bad as before So now am back to taking then everyday.I also started airol cream which is tretinoin .It been a good month or more and i still breaking out but not as bad as before.I got a really bad spot which started of small but then gronw big.That what happenend when i had acne.Getting abit worried .Do i need to give it another month before i have clear skin? It took 8 weeks th
  8. i had a intolerance test done for 99 pounds am starting diet tomarrow I live in the uk If you want to know anything just email me
  9. Yes a nurse told me it stop the oil in your skin
  10. I heard that when nuts and seeds fall off they are soft But cause things are left for along time they go hard So maybe not so healthy for us but they do taste nice Better than eating cake
  11. I believe it bad to cut out carbs I did i got acne cause my diet was so bad that I had loads of vitamins missing including zinc and b vitamins and my stomach could not take any food It got really bloated and heavy.So i think getting more sunlight is the best way.Am hoping once my vitamins are back to normal my skin will get better. Am slowly coming off my antibotics. I did notice when i did have acne that when i sat infront of my sad machine i did not get aspot for 5 days I did not keep with i
  12. If BP causes bleaching on clothes can it bleach your skin?