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  1. Iv had acne since i was 15, im now 19 and its sort of calmed down since i went on antibiotics. But im left with horrible scarring, it even shines through my make up! But i cant go out the house with no make up on. I feel so ugly! Iv become really depressed lately because of how acne is affecting my life. I want to join the army! But girls dont have time to fuss about with make up in there and i certainly dont want to be worrying about my skin. But its the reason why i havent applied yet. I real
  2. HAHAHHA sorry can i just say i think people who try and quote the ingredient list and say 'oh no its terrible dont use it it has this and this in it' look at the number of people that have been using it for scars??? its helped them. Plus if you check out the Bio oil website, under medical trials its now been certified as non-acnegenic (meaning it does not clog pores) I wouldnt be so skeptical about everything. Yeah its good to find out if things are good or bad for your skin from other peopl
  3. Yeah why not the cocnut oil wont do any harm to your skin. But i think the best acne treatment is Duac antibiotic gel. Iv been using it for a few days and notice a big difference already, have never got this fast of results with antibiotics.
  4. In all honesty i wouldnt use this again. It really depends on what kind of skin you have to predict how it will react on your skin. I have oily skin that is prone to acne, and i tried this thinking it would be a nice natural remedy for my blemishes. But i was wrong. It was oily in feeling on my skin, it didnt break me out but it didnt make them better. However! Coconut oil is good to use every now and then on your body! Your face is too sensitive, but if you put it on your skin before you go to
  5. Hmm i bought coconut oil in the hope that it would clear up my acne...however it didnt. Infact i think the oil wasnt good for my skin. Not that it went into my pours, but it wouldnt dry in so it was attracting anything that would stick to my face. When i went to sleep with it on it would just smudge about and probably pick up all the bacteria from my pillow. I wouldnt use it again not for my face anyway, i like the feeling of fresh smooth skin, not oily itchy skin. It was great for my skin on my
  6. When i was a bit younger and my acne wasnt too bad i took oxytetracycline and it kinda cleared up. But now a couple years down the line iv got it worse than ever so its obviously become inactive and stopped working. Iv come off it trying to think of other methods. Any suggestions? I was giving Dianette but man the reviews for it are awful, no way am risking it.