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  1. hi, why is it I hear a lot about it being bad to apply some kind of acid to broken skin, or any type of skin for the matter? They seem to be talking about glycolic acid or a kind of scrub, apricot, maybe, for example when they just got needling done. I have no idea what they mean. Does it reduce collagen or hamper its growth?
  2. ive been on propecia for a year, and havent had any noticeable loss for over 6 months. i have (had?) a receding hariline. suddenly, over 15 hairs fall out last week (a week after starting B5) after i brush my fingers thru the front of my head for a minute or two. i stopped B5 for a few days, then the fallout seems to have stopped. then i take 3 mg yesterday, and a few more hairs fall out today. anyone have a simliar experience? by the way, im japanese. im going to hold off on B5 f
  3. i can get neutrogena 2.5 for less than 5 bucks, american dollars. i say american coz i heard canada uses bucks too, dont know what i can buy with 5 canadian bucks. at target. little pharmacies like genovese charge a buck or two or three more. keep counting
  4. theJap


    youve read a lot on subcision and needling problem: people who post about needling experiences (like Yumi) do it for a few short weeks after they get it done, when theyre super excited about sharing good results. but they dont come back to share the long term results, maybe it's becase results werent that good, or because theyre so happy now they dont even think about other people's concerns, which is fine. isnt there some way to get them to post their long term results, even if theres l
  5. also, as for the moisturizers, 4 oz bottles of Neutrogena or Purpose by Johnson and Johson cost from 8.79 to over 12 bucks, so I bought a 4 oz bottle of Suave (also SPF 15 but not fragrance free) for under 5. It doesnt' seem to clump with the Bp. Any comments?
  6. how much do you guys pay for neutrogena BP2.5%, .75gram? at my local rite aid its7 bucks, genovese was on sale for 5.79, but Target soldit for the cheapest, 4.79. Probablycant buy a bundle someplace, or can I?
  7. when you start to scar even after using topicals for some time, you should immediately consider Accutane. (But as I discovered from this site, vitamin B-5 is a much safer alternative to Accutane) Trust me, if your genes are anything like mine, and you plan to have a life at any time in the next 10 years, Accutane will be worth the risk. My parents didnt let me use Accutane when I was your age, and it wasnt until I became a prune face years later that I was able to get the medicine on my own--w
  8. hey original poster aragorn, will you let us know whether you start breaking out again when you stop losing weight?
  9. first of all, i never tried this site's bp 2.5% regimen, should i try that or jump right to b5? and according to acnemiracle.com, you have to try many of their other prodicts in addition to b5 and the gel that comes with it. should i listen to them?
  10. there are differtn dosages of B complex vitamins. be careful.. one time i decided tobuy a bottle for an unrelated reason, and i bought the one with the most per pill so i could save money-- you can find out how much a pill contains by looking at the chart on the bottle. i dont remmeber exactly, but genereally, there was about 2000 percent daily recommendation of a certain B, say, B-12, so i could crack each pill into 20 and I still would get plenty of it. Crack each pill into 20, and a bottle
  11. but if you break out reallybadly, you may try reduccing caolry intake for a few days. but you definitely should eat enough to get you through the day. again, this wont work long-term. even if you remain on the reduced calory diet for a long time, your body will adjust very quickly, and you will find that youre breaking out just like when you first started.
  12. from my experience, if you fast or go on a low calory short diet for a few days, you will get much less breakouts no matter how much you weigh. once your weight steadies itself again, even if you dont get back the lost weight, you will break out. i think it's because your bloodstream is much cleaner and doesnt provide as many nutrients to the bactiera in your face.