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  1. I guess ill take it in milk then. I dont see where the negativity against milk comes from in acne circles. Is not evidence against it flimsy and sparse?. It certainly has no bearing on my acne, as having been a heavy milk drinker for long periods over the years when the mood takes me there's never been any effect when I have lapsed away to other drinks for months or even years at a time. Also milk is very good for you in terms of calcium and bones etc.
  2. How much tumeric are you supposed to take internally. A teaspoon daily?. Also how do you take it, I cant imagine drinking a raw spice being very nice.
  3. Anyone done it?, how did it turn out?. Ive been interested in getting a tattoo for ages, only problem being at 29 years old ive had body acne for the last 14 years. While I hate it with a passion I know it could be worse (as some of our brothers and sisters here have been brave enough to show in photo's). My body acne is just regular not cystic, though I do get some big nasty pus packing white heads when its at its worst. While this may be disgusting it has not left me with any physical surfa
  4. Heya, yeh I am English so that helps if you can suggest anything specific. Nubby im not really looking to go on one of those specialised extreme diets at the moment. It would be a major life change for me and very difficult/stressfull. Just some simpler changes I can make then see where I go from there. Is milk really that bad?. I mean its beneficial properties are numerous and well known and many people drink it with no skin problems.
  5. In the process of trying the many suggested forms of help on these forums and elsewhere im getting around to Diet as something I haven't tried yet but really should. A run down of main things I eat: Bacon Sausages Minced beef/lamb Lots of pepperoni/ham pizza's Lots of chips (fries) Various canned vegetable soups Canned spaghetti (Heinz) Lots of white bread Freeze dried noodles A fair bit of sweets/chocolate/dairy stuff Lots of full fat milk (organic at least) Lots of fruit juice from concentrat
  6. I have tried everything under the sun to cure my acne including accutane which is poison by the way ,I would never go on tan again it has way too many dangerous side effects and it didn't even get rid of my acne , anyways I take fish oil daily CARLSON'S fish oil (vitamin A and D free ) it comes in 500 ml bottle or 200ml , liquid not capsule either in lemon or orange flavor , this is great for acne since fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory , it's also really good for you , along with that I
  7. That dead sea salt is very expensive , 2.25 per kilo. The regular unrefined sea salt from wholesalers goes at around 40 pence per kilo. I still cant find anywhere that sells simple unrefined sea salt in sizes greater than 2 kilos to the general public.
  8. Has anyone got any links to bulk salt sellers for the UK?. I cant seem to find any online company that isnt wholesale only and wont sell to the general public.
  9. Hi This is a long thread and I didnt see anything about it in the beginning pages but is Niacin just for facial acne? or does it work for body acne aswell?. Also is it something you take continuously or stop after its had an effect. Is it dangerous to take it indefinitely?. Thanks.