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  1. First you swear by black tea and now you say it's causing harm. Dude I don't know if I should take you seriously or if you're a bot lolol I kid I kid. A lot of what we do is indeed trial and error and it's not easy at all to put your finger on one thing and say that is the cause for feeling better or worse. I know this all too well. We learned the hard way that pharmaceuticals are not the answer, now we have to do our own research and search for natural homeopathic remedies.
  2. Wow thanks very helpful. Will try it. Any reason why powder over bagged?
  3. Thomas can you tell us more about this machine? Where did you get it? How does it work? also i remember you mentioned something about hoegarden beer. Can you please tell us about that also? Thanks
  4. People people people. STOP! I cured my 12 year long term side effects of accutane! I did. I really did! ready?... i changed my diet. BOOM! What a concept! This is what I eat: -all kinds of high water fruit -simple salads (with clean avocado oil based dressings...Primal Kitchen makes great ones) -meat! High quality meat! Organic pasture raised chicken, steak, ground beef, etc (salt free spices...Mr Dash makes a good one) -only 3 supplements: digestive enzymes,
  5. My bfast today: 1 avacado with avacado oil handful raspberries 2 apples 1 piece chicken breast with garlic rosemary sea salt digestive enzymes probiotic everything organic felt great and energized after
  6. Do you prefer no food restrictions or do you prefer to feel better? have you tried completely cleaning up your diet for an extended time? What did you consume specifically and for how long and did you see any change? look. I did it. It worked. I'm sharing that i did it and that it worked. Try it? What do you have to lose? It costs nothing. It's safe. All it takes is discipline. Don't be lazy. I used to be lazy and kept making excuses to not try it. I'm so very deeply sorry
  7. And how do you suppose we get "cured"? Don't you see, this is an opportunity to get healthy, not to go back to before accutane when we ate and drank and lived horribly.
  8. Aaron it's not just a healthy diet. It's a natural diet for human beings. 100% organic fruits and simple salads with a ton of water will make each and every single human being feel better regardless of their condition. I didn't say all better and I didn't say right away. So you use words like healthy and work. But you didn't mention to what extent. Everyone will react differently of course. The main thing is that you do it. You really think there's much of a difference between the chemicals they
  9. Some of you need to get rid of your victim mentality. I think it's that that's essentially hurting you. It took me personally 11 years to finally discover some thing that works very well, and that was diet. Never give up, Never give in, always stay positive and hopeful. Keep trying different things. It's totally not fair that you have to be experiencing this but adopting the victim mentality will only get you worse and you know that. I come on here and tell you about my experience I'
  10. True justice - have you tried cleaning up your diet? What did you eat and for how long? And did it have any affect at all?
  11. I have been feeling very "normal" for a couple of months now ever since i changed my diet. this is what i do: 100% organic a ton more fruit and simple salads clean organic dressing Lean meat avocado oil to cook with No junk healthy clean snacks like siete chips cooked in avocado oil and trader joes popcorn again cooked in avacado oil low/no carb!!! More healthy fats like avocados (see a trend here? Lol) only supplements are: digestive enzy
  12. Trump? Religion? Guys guys guys, let's stay focused. Please Aaron you have a wealth of knowledge that you are sharing, thank you and please keep it coming My 48 hour water fast made me feel much better for about two weeks, then everything went back to the way it was before with the extreme fatigue and extreme joint pain and brain fog. I have been reading and watching a lot of Loren Lockman Of the Tanglewood wellness center. I plan to try a 14 maybe a 21 day water
  13. Just another reminder to EVERYONE to try the 48 hour water fast and cut carbs, sugar, and all junk out as much as possible!!! It's been a week since I did my fast and i still feel great!!! Heck try a 72 hour fast!!!! I hope pray wish it works for you as it did for me. Please report back here let us know how it went!!!
  14. Don't do this to yourself. Please! So much toxicity and physical and mental damage that you'd be inflicting on yourself if you do. It's way too big of a risk. Trust me. Focus on diet and wellness. It's the only real way. No gmo, no high fructose corn syrup, no sugar, no junk. Only organic food, less cooked food in general and more raw living foods. Purified water only. Do this and watch not only your skin improve, but watch your whole life transform. Good luck