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  1. hidradenitis suppurativa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well went to the derm and suprise suprise he was busy so had off loaded me onto a nurse, good job tho coz she looked at my spots n said it didnt look like acne but it looked like hidradenitis suppurativa and by my blank look she knew i knew nothing bout that her words were "im not saying the consultant is wrong but im just going to get a diff one for a second opinion" the joys ay - however as usual there was no consultant free so she sat me down n exp
  2. me again well got the derm tomorrow for more bloods, tests and pills also going to ask if my gall bladder problem could be related, i acually thought my acne looked better to day as they had flattened out when i got up this morning but yet again they filled up by the time i got home from work and after the bath had gone all soggy looking however today is the first day that i got up and they werent throbbing with pain and were full to bursting point, its wield as they are hard lumps under and
  3. hi ive got body acne it used to be on my face when i was younger but zineret cleared that it does flare up now n again but im on acutane now for my body im still waiting for results tho. do u use anything? i had two friends that had what looks like youve got (has doc said its acne?) coz thier doc said it was hormonal acne and one went on yazmin pill and it cleared quite quickly and the other used Quinerderm cream (purple and orange box and tube) i did use these and it didnt help me at all but
  4. hi indygal thanks for the words of encouragement i know it can take time but have you ever stood there in a queue or watching telly and you find yourself analising skin its mad and i get so frustrated that everyone seems to see improvements quickly but im still not im so happy for anyone who gets clear quickly as i know only too well how depressing and painfull this awfull thing is there was one time i could of just cut my breast off (i wouldnt as that would obviously hurt) but i was in tescos
  5. hi i thought that sounded like a low dose as when i research it every bit of info states 1mg to 1kg but when i questioned this i got the i know what im talking about coz i went to college uni and med school and im a dermatologist look and youve just looked on google (has anyone ever had that look-it makes you feel 1inch tall and stupid) i had to beg to be put up to 40mg and to be honest im not bothered about some side affects as i just want normal skin (obviously i would rather have no side af
  6. Hi well here goes - im finally putting it down ... my feelings out there on the web for everyone to read... im 28 female and a mum of 2 children i work hard try to be as healthy as possible take care in my appearance bla bla bla i do this because from the age of 12 ive had acne (it runs in my family-dads side...thanks dad) it started as my body changed like every girls does i seemed to be the only one with spots in my year at school i used all different lotions and potion but nothing was shif
  7. kellyhj


    Hi Kat though i would message you as im new and iv been looking for someone who has the same as me. iv had acne from age of 12 on back face arms and used zineret which cleared face and arms and helped the back i had occasional flare up but resulted to non strappy tops in summer and cut out bath products however this year in march ive broken out on my breasts and thighs and bikini line ive tryed antibiotics doxycycline lymecyline isotrex gel(which helped the thighs and bikini line and the bit