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    I am a very old-fashioned girl who enjoy's lots of things normally associated with "grandma's". I enjoy collecting tea things, doing cross-stitch, knitting, etc. I also LOVE to hang out with friends and we go out almost every weekend to the theatre or out dancing (so much fun!). I like to think I am very down to earth and the best thing anyone could say would be that they think I am kind. I love to travel and have so far been to Mexico, New York State, all over Canada, and I spent a year in New Zealand.

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  1. 'Things' are going good. lol Enjoying some nice weekend weahther. And how about you?

  2. Hello you ;)

    hows things?

  3. Hey crazy tall guy :P

  4. Aw, sucks. Thanks Badger :redface: I guess at least you got the nickname having fun and not for some embarrassing stupid stunt or something. lol Ya, I definitely have London on my list of places to go...I would just love to do any type of Euro trip at this point though. I went to New Zealand on an exchange for a year and I just have such a bug to travel now! And boo to being stuck with an armpit in my face...I've used public transit enough here to know that I will totally go out of my way
  5. Lookin great Badger...where did you come up with that name, if I can ask? Some sort of nickname during your party days or something? lol I've always wanted to travel to London! Compared to my smaller city in Canada here it seems so modern and still foreign in a way too. Wow, 6ft 6! Sheesh...compared to 5ft 3 me, you are a giant! Makes total sense that you hit your head lots. lol
  6. EXACTLY. That was my point. Sahara- In regards to forcing someone to do something, I will not quote them all, but I have seen on numerous occasions people posting that they don't feel comfortable enough putting up a picture of themselves because they are too scared. Then replies come back basically egging them on to just post one. Sorry, but I have read this topic for quite some time and seen this on numerous posts, so anyone can go back even just a few pages and find examples of this for the
  7. I just have to say that lots of you guys look great!! Lighting or whatever, you all should be happy that there is a place like this where you can post pics and get such nice compliments. Then again, we are all our own worst critics, right?! lol Anyways, it still seems like everynow and then someone has to make a comment about how everyone looks too good. That they should be putting up a real picture that shows their acne in all it's horrible glory. Um, I'm sorry but what the heck? What kind of
  8. Hey doublehawk, lol That's funny, cause I am actually having a great time with it. I have been really slacking because life's been pretty dang busy for me so far. I mean I wanted to do progress pictures and everything, and I've barely had time to log on to acne.org in the past few weeks! Anyways, I think it's about Day 18 if I am right, and so far so good. I've had NO extra dryness and no flaking at all which is kinda something I was expecting to be honest! I use the Repairing lotion only on
  9. Hey 24/7! Yay for another Proactiv user...I'm super surprised at how few of them there are here! In my opinion it's no better or worse than using a BP lotion regimen like what Dan's is. And congrats on the great results! I'm almost at a full week using it and I have to say so far so good. I think the AHA's in the toner brought some spots to the surface, so I am having a bit of a breakout right now, but it's nothing I can't handle. I was pretty darn excited to give Proactive another try! Anywho
  10. DAY 4: Well so far so good. No bad reactions at all and not one hint of dryness. I have one major surprise though that I was not expecting though. I hear about how drying Proactiv is, and especially the Repairing lotion which has the BP in it. The thing is that even though my skin is more on the drier side, I don't have to use a moisturizer on top of the lotion in the evening. I was prepared to use the Green Tea one or even my basic Olay moisturizer, but I really have not needed to use either!
  11. DAY ONE: (with a long-a** history too) Warning, this will be VERY LONG! Lol I have to first start off by saying that I was charting my progress with Differin over on the retinoid log forum, however, after a long due realization (I’ll explain this is a sec) I figured I need to try something that is probably a little more suited to what I need help with skin care-wise now. I was using Differin for scarring and pretty uneven skin texture, but sadly the good effects of it started to wear off lit
  12. Aw, gbunni, thank you! That was a really touching post. Thank you for wishing me the best, I really appreciate it! And I hope for the best for you too. I was told all about the initial breakout and what not, but honestly I would say if you haven't seen any extra pimples pop up by the month or month and a half mark you might not ever get it. Hopefully you don't; I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! In terms of the diet, I definitely know it can be better. I used to be vegetarian, but I just d
  13. So, I'm not too sure how well this is going to be taken by the board or those who follow my regimen log here, but I have to be honest in my progress, even if it means big and possibly stupid change. Warning- this will be VERY LONG! Anyways, this last week was pretty stressful with intense job hunting and just not feeling good about myself. I've been having a good time with Differin so far, and I can't knock it, but at the same time I have to be honest and not look at my experience with rose col
  14. Hey Sydney Girl, Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that! To me it sounds like your definitely in the middle of what retinoids users call 'the intitial breakout'. It happens to almost everyone that uses retinoids within the first 3 months, and it can range from a small out of place pimple all the way to what you say yours is like. There is a section under the retinoid topical forum called 'The Dreaded Initial Breakout'. It's super long and has tons of great tips and things that might help you out.
  15. Hey doublehawk, Well that's good to hear your doctor is trying to make your Epiduo experience as smooth as possible! I wish my doctor was a little more helpful in the skin department, but other than telling me about lasers, it's kinda up to just myself to push him for a specific skin prescription I want. Thank goodness you haven't really had an IB from Differin. Because of a horrible one I had with Taz 4 years ago I feel anyone's pain who complains of feeling like crap. I know I sure did