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  1. I've read and I'm sure you have all as well that the sun is bad for acne. However, I've noticed that when I spend more time in the sun, my acne goes away. My skin is always very clear in the summer. In the winter or when I'm indoors more, it gets worse. Could my acne be caused by some sort of low Vitamin C or D levels, and that's why I suffer during the winters and rejoice in the summers?
  2. I just read up on some of this thread and I think I agree that masturbation causes acne. If I think back to before I masturbated (yes, there was such a time for me lol), my skin was more immaculate than Mary and baby Jesus lol. Usually lately I go for it like twice a day and it always seems like I'm fighting off new breakouts. For now I'm going to cut it out of my routine, not only for religious reasons, but personal hygiene reasons too. Let's be real: there's a reason for the phrases "Everyth
  3. I started using a generic form of bactrim this summer (I think around August 20-something). It's been almost a month and my acne is worse than before. I don't understand why this is happening or why the drug isn't working. I've been following this routine: morning: take my morning pill night: wash my face with Cetaphil, use alcohol free toner, finish with Cetaphil lotion The only component I can think of that's different between now and this summer is that i was working out almost everyday
  4. One time a little kid told me "What's that red stuff all over your face?!" I just said "it's a .....disease" and that was good enough of an answer for him. It really made me self-conscious about my acne though!