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  1. When i was a freshman in high school i had acne kinda bad but not sever e or anything. I went to the doctor got an antibiotic and some stuff for my face(dont remember what it was now). After awhile i was clear and after like 6 months i stopped using all meds. after i stopped i was clear for a whole year then my acne came back. Now after 6 months on meds im almost clear again. If your 19 you might have outgrown it but if i was you i would try to do something to maintain your skin. You dont want y
  2. My friend had moderate acne and grew out of it by 16. I think almost all guys grow out of it in their late teens or twenties. My dad grew out of his by 18 or 19 so im hoping i do too.
  3. Hey For you guys that hate shaveing cause it causes irritation should try aveeno theraputic shave gel. I used to hate shaveing too but now i like it. There is barely any irritation and my skin actually looks better after i shave with this.
  4. Yea i do that. My face used to be so bad and i remember thinking that all i wanted was it to clear up a little. Now it is so much better and i just want it to be perfect. I also look at it from diffrent angels and in diffrent lights to try and find the imperfections.
  5. Thats why there are tons of antibiotics. If your immune to one they can use another. And to shatangi, i would decrease your dosage if your clear. Give it a couple weeks and if some acne returns then just go back to 2 pills a day.
  6. Why do people make broad generalizations like that? Sure some people blame accutane on hair loss during and after treatment, but that is a small percentage and most people's hair goes back to the way it was shortly after treatment. People start balding and they want something to blame it on. cweb, im sure you have nothing to worry about, even if your hair does thin, im sure it will thickin up again when treatment is over. If your worried talk to your derm.
  7. Holy crap!! Your face looks awesome man. YOu might still have some ups and downs but your definently gonna be clear soon. man i cant get over how much better it looks.
  8. Well if your using a good moisturizer and its still red then skip a night every once in awhile. It prob wont hurt and might help your acne since it will give your face some time to recover. Ive heard of people who decided to quit retin a and like a week later their face cleared up alot.
  9. I was on tazorac(similiar to tretinoin) and my face was red for 4 months. But then my face got used to it and now i can put on more and more without making it red.
  10. Ive been thinking about that but im worried it will cause me to breakout. The stuff inside those capsules is really thick and sticky. Will it block pores?
  11. Also i think the price may be worth it if it can stop you from having to take accutane again.
  12. Yea im thinking about looking into it too. Im sure your derm is doing what he thinks is best for you but he may not know much about this or something.
  13. I think your talking about smoothbeam. It is supposedly with no side effects but i think it only lasts 6 months to a year. The only downside is price, ive seen it from 600 to 1500 for 4 treatments of the face.
  14. Yea thats my biggest fear about accutane. I dont know anyone who has had permanent hairloss on it, it has always come back. I heard there is a shampoo you can use that helps keep your hair thick and healthy. Maybe you should ask your doctor about it.
  15. Yea well what i dont get is i hear all this crap about horrible side effects but i have many friends and friends of friends who have taken it. None of them have had any problems besides dry skin and lips. And none of them had any long term problems at all. My acne is hereditary and i have family members who took it like 10 years ago and no problems now either. The only place ive ever read about how bad the drug is is online. In my life everyone has good things to say about it.