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    I love reading, studying foreign languages, listening to music, eating delicious food, spending time with my family and friends! I have been an acne sufferer since I was 13 years old and the Acne.org regimen has been the only thing that has helped me in the long-term with my battle against acne. I owe a lot to Dan's acne.org regimen and I would be happy to assist others, give advice and share my experiences with them to help and encourage them on their journey to clear skin! :) Please read my blog if you need a little inspiration or just would like to hear a little bit about my experience on the Acne.org regimen!

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  1. Hello everyone!!! Wow! Well it's been about two years now since I initially started on the acne.org regimen and I was just recently browsing this website looking up new ways to help reduce redness, acne scarring etc. I logged in and was skimming through my older blogs from when I first started the treatment and I realized I haven't wrote in FOREVER! I guess I have been so caught up in other things that i have neglected my blog entries! -- But then again, that must be a GOOD thing because I am lo
  2. Surenixie

    DAY 147

    Hello all!! Well, I'm back.. another month has gone by too quickly and here I am again ready to give an update on my skin! Well for starters, great news.. My skin lately has been co-operating wonderfully well with me!! I am so happy with it! The dryness has lifted tremendously and my face is continuing to retain and gain a more flawless look as the days pass! I have been using Dan's Acne.org Treatment and let me tell you, it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I should note here, however that I have dramat
  3. i have been using the cetaphil daily moisturizing lotion spf 15 for the past 2-3 months and in my opinion, i really want to finish the bottle right now because i do not like it at all.. when i apply it to my face it always seems to sting and it doesn't even moisturize the greatest either i also use cetaphil moisturizing cream (which is the larger bottle, thicker cream) and for extremely dry skin but i use that as a nightly moisturizer and it works wonderful for me... although for a daily moist
  4. strange, i have had the exact same problem!! i have been on the regimen for about a month and a half now and i am definitely close to clear except i have a weird problem with prolonged redness and at times when i observe myself in the mirror i realize my facial skin looks several shades darker than my neck and body which is weird looking too since i am also really pale skinned :S before i went on the regimen my face was much lighter but of course i had all those nasty pimples on my cheeks.. and
  5. Cute avatar :) I love your threads. I was actually going to start a thread about the cetaphil cream vs lotion, so that one helped a bunch!

    1. Proactiv is horrible!!!!! Well... it didn't work for me, at least... but then again I didn't really stick to it that precisely but when I did it didn't seem to do much for me.... It ended up being a waste of money for me because I stopped using it and the box just sat there with bottles.. the only thing that was probably okay about it was its BP bottle.. but that's about it.. IF anything, JUST TRY THE REGIMEN! I have been on it for 4 weeks now using over-the-counter products and it is working mi
    2. Hey, this is my fourth month into the regimen and I'm soo soo happy and amazed with the results so far!!! When I first started.. the first two weeks my face looked like a total mess.. It was so irritated, and I looked as red as a tomato!!! I don't have any more problems with redness now and I feel like I've got the flakiness under control making good use of Cetaphil moisturizer (I love their products so far and just bought their daily moisturizer!) .. anyways, I have just ran out of my OXY Acne
    3. I've switched to Cetaphil now, it still burns but I know that is to be expected because of the benzoyl peroxide being used irritating the skin. Well, regardless, I am glad I switched because Cetaphil is definitely helping with the dryness and flaking!! I'm hoping for the best! : )
    4. You should probably do one thing at a time to see what is actually working.. rather than doing both things at a time. Have you researched enough about Accutane? Dan gives a lot of helpful advice about it on here: http://www.acne.org/accutane.html .. you should definitely check that out before considering going on it. I read it over myself as I was going through the site even though I wasn't planning on doing Accutane or anything and after reading all the side effects, I definitely do not want to
    5. Aw, well I can relate to you because I have been in the same situation before. My boyfriend and I have almost reached our 2 year together mark (next month is our 2 years!) but I know I did have the exact same feelings as you did when we were early on in our relationship. Honestly, do not let having acne bear you down from not being able to experience all the greatest joys of life (one of them being being in a loving relationship with someone).. even though of course it is hard, it is really impo
    6. Hey, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good daily facial moisturizer that will visibly reduce dryness and flakiness. I am currently using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream as my moisturizer for night time and it has worked wonderfully. I just got it last week and have been using a light layer of it for the morning as well since it controls flakiness well for me.. however, I do find the cream a bit heavy for daily use (more suitable for night time moisturizer) so I wanted to try and fi
    7. I also use Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser.. except mine is the for Sensitive skin like the site suggested. I don't experience any burning sensation after applying it.. however my skin does seem to get pretty dry from it.. I am considering switching over to the Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser.. except I want to finish this bottle first and not waste it. Umm.. I don't think it should really make a difference whether it's for Sensitive Skin or not.. I personally like to avoid any burning s
    8. Day-to-day basis for me is about.. I'd say 10-15 mins for makeup... if I'm going somewhere special maybe add another 5-10 minutes on top of that... 2.5 hours is crazy!! o.O But yeah I see where you're coming from.. sucks seeing all the girls with such beautiful flawless skin and then look at your own.. but I guess that is life and it's never fair.. well that's why we are all here right? To get on the Regimen and get cleared up! =)
    9. Interesting.. that sounds just about right , thanks for that helpful tip! I'm really impressed with the regimen thus far and it's only been a week. *fingers crossed* that it will continue! And yeah I do agree that putting aside the makeup is better.. nowadays I'm so sick of having to wake up and cover my skin just to hide ugly pimples.. I want a more natural healthy look and I'm really looking forward to getting my skin completely clear. And yep, definitely looking into getting a nice pressed p
    10. I am dealing with the same problems as you at the moment.. I'm a week in already and just a couple days ago I literally looked like a tomato because my face was SOOO RED!!! My face is slowly lessening in redness though which is great and I'm getting very close to clear!! Just a few more red spots left from old acne.. this is really exciting for me so don't give up! That is the most important part of the Regimen.. persistence and determination. So for now.. just leave the side effects aside (thos