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  1. Thanks for sharing, Virgo. I've heard of people using Tazorac for scarring, but using a toothpick to carefully place sounds better. May I ask how deep your scarring is? Also, how long have you been using this method? Thanks.
  2. http://www.thelovevitamin.com/3586/rolling-acne-scars-msm-cream/ Anyone tried MSM cream on their scars? This person above apparently had success, but her scars were also less than a year old. I wonder if combining the cream with something like needling would be of benefit with older scars.
  3. Tell me what percentage of Iodine do you use?
  4. It's because when the light shines on your oily skin, it magnifies any uneven surfaces. I would imagine it's the same with wrinkles. That's why they say aging gals should avoid any makeup with sparklies or shimmer, because it just enhances the wrinkled appearance. Wearing a matte powder helps me.
  5. That was beautiful, freejoy and a good reminder
  6. the forehead would probably be ideal for the 1.0 roller, as the skin is thinner there. I am not sure how effective a 1.0 mm would be for acne scars elsewhere though.
  7. I am not entirely sure about what happened. Like I said before, the area in which these scars formed was an area that had a weird texture due to a glycolic peel I had done months earlier. I'm not gonna do anything else tonight I've decided, but I am seeing a derm asap. The thing is, my crazy theory is that this area of weird texture could completely be leveled out by some sort of acid or other treatment, which in theory would leave this area of my face scar free... does this make any sense?
  8. what happened? did you leave it on too long? your skin must be uber sensitive in this area, and obviously it could not handle the acid. Please stop using it. Leave the area alone for a good while. It's not the end of the world, glycolic acid is not the only "scar" treatment, (if it could even be called that). In other words, even if you were to try the acid again with no ill effects, it would still not erase those scars. I am sorry about this. There are other scar treatments that you can rea
  9. awesome adella! May I ask exactly which copper peptide products you used and how often? I have been doing needling, which alone, has given results, but I'd be interested in combining it with something else.
  10. In my opinion, the subcision is the most important step you've taken in treating your scars, ylem. Deep FX alone is unlikely to do anything, hence some of the poor reviews perhaps. Combo treatments, like the one you just had, are more successful.
  11. F*** ylem, after all these years, for some reason I thought you were female and that you had extreme scarring. I know there's some swelling in the pic, but it just kinda threw me off seeing a good looking guy on here, lol. good luck btw, hope all goes well.
  12. I doubt guys were all over her...girls with scars look particularly disgusting. Oh dude, you're being so supportive for the girls at here... keep it up That's typical of him. He always makes some sort of comment about girls with acne scarring looking disgusting. Not all guys are like that though. Truth is, he probably wouldn't have been so harsh on women with some scarring had he not had scars himself. Thus, he seeks a mate without his same "negative" quality. I have a thing abou
  13. I commend your patience in between treatments scoobie. That's great! And maybe you are conservative in your improvement estimates if your ex could actually notice a difference.