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  1. There are many bb cream companies out on the market- many of which use low quality ingredients that leave less than satisfactory results. It is also true that most bb creams are made for lighter toned skin but some products blend very well on darker tones. BRTC is one of the highest regarded brands of BB Creams and skincare solutions. They are korean based and have just entered the USA/Canadian market. Armed with 9 patents, millions of products sold globally and a 'cult' like following.. this b
  2. ONe of the most effective acne makeups is the Blemish Recover Balm by BRTC. It is an all in 1 concealer, foundation, SPF, moisturizer, and blemish recover solution. It originated in Asia and sells in 9 countries. My girl friend is currently using it and her face looks so good. She praises this brand on a daily basis. It is available at www.BRTCstore.com. They also specialize in acne solutions - look at the Blemish Bundle Set - comes in a 3 step or 4 step combo. This is what I am using and most
  3. The highest quality of bb cream brand is BRTC. They have 9 patents, sold in 9 countries and use botanical ingredients. My girl friend uses this brand and swears by it. Most of their bb creams- are light concealers with natural and healing functions such as wrinkle repair, blemish cover, and jasmin water that helps nourish the skin and rebalance the skin to its natural state. She buys them off www.BRTCstore.com Their prices are very fair, and they are the official store for North America. She b
  4. for blackhead and pore tightening solutions, I have been trying a product line called 'Perfect Pore Set' by BRTC. Its a 3 step kit that extracts the blackheads and tightens the pores in the T zone. Works incredibly. I have just tried this set in the last week and it should last approx 3 months. www.BRTCstore.com the kit is here
  5. Hello everyone George here again. I love this website and I love the support, and unbiased feedback I am getting from everyone. It's good to know that we are all here battling one problem and I think its extemely importantly to help each other find the right solutions. I have bad blackheads due to my oily skin for many years now. I have tried multiple strips, and most dont work. I have recently tried many solution lines from a company called BRTC- they are botanical in nature and sell massivel
  6. Has anyone else had success using the Blemish Bundle Set by BRTC? It is much more effective then Proactiv and all the asian celebrities use it. My acne dissapeared in 1 week. I am buying this product from *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. *