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  1. UPDATE: I applied the bp in the morning and I broke out throughout the day, 7 pustules surfaced and my face looks yuck. I was wondering if it's just me or does BP bring pustules to the surface really easily? It only takes a few hours :/ does this mean I'm allergic to bp or soething?
  2. Aishhhh =/. I guess I have to go back to BP!! Do you guys think I will breakout if I start applying BP since I started purging with AHA?
  3. Ahhh, BP it is then. Do i have to do the regimen way again? Or as stop treatment or what?
  4. Oh ye I also just wanted to show you the state of my face, the right hand side and if this regimen im pursing would be good to remedy it.
  5. Oright, so the itching was caused by the use of the baby brush daily? I'm currently using dans cleanser, should I jst cleanse and moisturize in the morning and still use aha once a day at night? And when you say use bp to help the infections I'm kind of worried that I'll break out further :/ thanks alotttt for the reply! Appreciate it alot, i've been so distressed lately, acne+exams ahhhh!!
  6. Hey guys I was on the DKR regimen for a while but then i stopped using BP because it didn't really help but create massive pustules consistently. So right now my regiment that i started 3-4 days ago consists of: Morning: Cleanse - Baby brush exfoliate then mositurize Night: Cleanse - Aha (all over face) And i've started breaking out crazy, im not sure if its purging or breaking out but im getting pustules and whiteheads in places where i normally dont get them. And the right side of my face i
  7. Hey guys I've spent sometime browsing around the forums and searching up for different products before yesterday I finally ordered Paula's Choice 1% BHA! I was going to get Mandelic acid or Green Cream but I read how Mandelic had some bad side effects & Green Cream didn't really help with blackheads. So my type of skin is kind of blotchy & full of blemishes, i rarely get inflamed pimples mainly just have blackheads on my nose and big pores. I was wondering how well Paulas choice would