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  1. i've been smoking weed for a long time now. and i do it verry often. in summer i smoked almost everyday, now that school is back ive been cutting down a little. and i acually got more acne when i first stopped. bud doesn't do shit to your skin, and i love how people try and result anything they can do there acne. weed is good for you.
  2. Anyone have really good results from Clinque? I just bought the foudation and powder today, and I have heard really good reviews about it. Also that people with acne prone skin have had alot of luck with Clinque and it has helped them. And also wondering if it's good at covering blemishes?
  3. Perfect solution for you. My aunt is a dietion and there is a pill called Juice Plus. You take 2 pills in the morning that is FULL of fruit and 2 pills at night that is FULL of veggies. It's helped my skin so much. And i havn't gotten sick in 3 years because of it. You should look into Juice Plus. It's amazing. I don't even have to eat any veggies or fruit cause Juice Plus takes care of the servings i need everyday. I'm also way healthier now. You should defiantly give it a shot!!
  4. Hi, i'm 17, and live in Illinois! And this picture was taken before my chin acne started : ( but it's okay, I WILL be clear soon. : )
  5. Okay, so I have been on Solodyn for 2 months now. I have had no results, It's acually made my acne worse. I should also note that I am on Yaz (have been on Yaz for a month now) and I apply Epiduo every night to my face. I only have moderate acne on my chin. So i'm pretty sure I have hormonal acne. My derm. told me that she wants me to switch to Dorxy? But, I havn't gave Solodyn a full 3 months to even see if it will clear me up. Plus, I don't want to have to start all over again with another med
  6. I have been on Solodyn for 2 months now. And, i'm acually very deperessed and have to start taking meds for that now too. So, yes I know exactly how you feel. I sometimes don't even go to school because I feel so horrible in the morning and can't stop crying. I'm also taking Yaz so I don't know if that has any effect on the depression too.
  7. Not, true, for me at least. I asked my derm. to up my dosage on solodyn and she said No, that i have to stay on 45 mg cause it matches up with my weight.
  8. Over the summer i smoked weed everyday. Now, that i'm in school again ill smoke on average 3 times a week. It seemed over the summer i went through very wierd acne problems, because i ussualy dont get acne that bad at all. Now, it's mild on only my chin, my derm. said it was hormonal but some people say that weed does cause more acne. So thanks for all the responses, cause i didn't really think chronic would cause acne or make it worse since it's a natural herb. And, after watching "The Bussines
  9. I'm wondering if there is any studies that show that people who smoke weed get acne and/or it makes acne worse? Thanks.
  10. i tried commiting sucide 2 years ago due to seasonal depresstion and was hospitlized. a year ago i started getting chin acne and now its worse then ever and i can feel my depresstion creeping back up on me. it sucks.. i dont feel like myself anymore and i hate going out cause of my acne and how unconfident i feel.
  11. I feel the same way. I have seasonal depression and 2 years ago it was so bad that i had to stay in the hospital for a few days. I won't go in depth about what happened but I was beyond depressed at that point. I started getting consistent acne on my chin about a year ago.. and now its worse then ever. I dont know if its because i'm taking meds and birth control. But, im a total mess. I didn't go to school today cause my chin was so bad. i hate waking up in the morning and going to the mirror..
  12. wow, i feel wierd. haha since ive had a really bad breakout like a week ago.. ive been crying everyday. I seriously will come home from school and just look at my chin acne and start balling. I also think the birth control im taking is kinda making me a little more emotional then usual. but i just want my chin to clear up and id be soooooo happy.
  13. Ive been using Epiduo for 2 months now.. along with Solodyn, Yaz, and a vitamin named Zinc. Epiduo has made my face EXTREMLEY dry. i only have acne on my chin and its worse then ever. I really have no idea why its so bad since im already well into all my meds and Epiduo. Hopefully everything will clear up, but the dryness is making it really hard to apply make up since it likes to flake off. I don't think i really recommened Epiduo but hey, it might work for you.