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  1. Personally it has worked quite well for me in the past, and I have just started using it again, because what my skin needs is a consistent regimen and Proactiv helps me stick to one. Has anyone gotten clear, or almost clear using Proactiv and is still using it?
  2. Has anyone used some form of Azelaic Acid (Finacea, Azelex, Acnederm, Skinoren etc.) with good results in healing PIH? I have mild acne, which flared up badly the past 2 or 3 months mainly due to me messing around with lots of different skincare products, changing my regimen almost every week, stress from uni, and stress from trying to get used to life in a long distance relationship again after a long visit. I have finally sort of managed to get it back under control, using BP again (which I
  3. Aloha! Well today was an okay day... I woke up with two new pimples (It's due to be TTOM like, tomorrow though so I'm blaming it on that). The one was just a little whitehead which came out easily, and the other was something strange and small which I also gently sorted out a few minutes ago (oops...) I didn't cause any damage though! Otherwise, I have a little scab on my forehead at the moment, and some other light marks which I still don't like. Suppose I'll jsut have to be patient! I'm not
  4. Whoops I slacked again!! Day 11 Wasn't such a good day... I can't really remember what i ate, except that it was fruit salad for breakfast... Yes I know that's not very helpful... i did take my vitex and zinc though. I had some veggies and potato for dinner though. I've decided I'm going to stop taking Niacin because it seems to be messing with my stomach, and it's not actually helping my skin one bit... =/ Disappointing but true unfortunately... I also picked on this day... on my foreh
  5. Oops I've been a bit slack with posting these past two days! Day 9 Well on this day I peeled off the scabs gently, and there was some pink skin, and I could see it wasn't totally ready to be exposed yet, lol, but it seems to heal faster if I do that... So I had two reddish/pinkish marks that were at least a little easeir to cover with makeup. I didn't get any new active ones. Unfortunately I can't quite remember what I ate, but I did have homemade pizza friday night, which did have some
  6. Wow time flies! I'm past the 1 week mark already! So today was quite a good day... I cheated a little with some yummy stuff, but I seem to be okay as long as I really limit it, and don't overdo it. Of course things like chocolate are a huge no-no though... Skin status: No new blemishes at all. The two scabs are still scabs and haven't really changed at all, lol... I'm hoping they'll be more dried up tomorrow morning, and even more so by tomorrow evening, cos I'm keen to gently peel them aw
  7. Hey there! Yes, of course, I remember you! Lol. How's the topical zinc usage going? Aww, thanks for the words of encouragement, hun. I feel so freakin ugly lately. At least I've lost weight though which is the only positive of coming off the bcp. It turns out the Yaz messed up my hypothalmus, and that's why I was having the weird side effects. My levels are supposedly back to normal now. But my gyno seems to think the only way to fix the acne and hair growth that I'm experiencing is with anot
  8. Loving your determination loveNlipgloss! :dance: I'm fighting the same fight as you - have been for the past month or two, and I've just started logging my progress in a blog on this site. As I sit here, I have two decent sized scabs, one on each cheek. Great eh? My acne is actually very mild, but I cause wounds on my face from things that are hardly there! For example, these two wre only tiny little whiteheads that were hardly visible, and on their way to disappearing, then BAM! Haha, wishi
  9. So... today was a good day, I guess, except for the aftermath from yesterday sitting on my two cheeks.... I enjoyed using my C&C Cleanser again - I coulf feel it working, and I'd missed that - the Benzac really felt rather.... flat.... Skin status: I have no knew breakouts (YAY!) But those two buggers on my cheeks are horrible and so damn depressing! The larger one of the two has sort of scabbed over now, and the one on the other side seems to be in the process of deciding whethe
  10. So, I've come up with a very simple little strategy to help me with the skin picking, and I also went to pick up some cleanser because I ran out of the Benzac wash. I decided that I'm going to go back to my good old tried and true Clean and Clear Continuous Control cleanser (5% BP) - something I've used on and off for years, and something that has always worked awesomely. I've tried Benzac, and it works, albeit not as well as C&C, so I'm going back, and sticking with it this time! It neve
  11. Hang in there friend, you can do it! I'm fighting the same battle as you, similar anyway... Best of luck, that's all I can say!
  12. So, as you know, I screwed up again yesterday, and here I'm sitting with a cm in diamater size wound on each of my cheeks. I thought I was doing so good, but then all of a sudden I just cracked, and those ones didn't even look bad at all before I messed with them! They were hardly visible. Ah well, I just gotta keep trying! Skin condition: Oh boy, I hate this... Well, no "active ones" as such, but, I have two wounds, one on each side of my face on my cheeks, which I've covered up with makeup.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement.... I really do find it impossible not to pick. I have CSP disorder, so when I do pick, I don't stop, and I create wounds which take ages to go away and I hate it! It was actually going well adn I'd left those little ones alone for about two whole days, and then suddenly last night, BAM! Oh well, back to the drawing board!
  14. I picked.... end of story... I don't even want to post today!
  15. Grrrr! I hate PMS breakouts! Well I at least hope that's what this is... I've been a bit lenient with my diet too these past 2 days though, but something gives me the feeling it's not that anyway... Skin status: Well I've developed about three or four tiny whiteheads on my left cheek, (one if which I popped gently and is disappearing fast now, and theres still the bugger on my other cheek from yesterday. That one hasn't become any bigger though, so it seems leaving it alone and putting TTO o