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  1. baking soda is a lot more alkaline, my advice is stick to a teaspoon with everymeal just for a week and see if you notice anything. i really hope this works for other people
  2. Hi, I've been suffering from pretty persistent acne for about the last 5 years, i generally get very large nodules/pimples that last for about 2 weeks but leave scarring ive been using differin gel the last couple of years which has helped a little bit with the scarring but i still tend to get new pimpkles every 2 or 3 days. Interestingly i noticed my breakouts are more severe after eating foods such as chocolate, pizza, cheese etc. Although i initially wondered if i had some sort of food se
  3. its very possible but id advise against over moisturising to the point where you get nil dryness, the main problem i was having was that my skin was fine at night but during the day got very oily, the slight dryness i experience with the differin has helped that in my opinion, anyway just a heads up if youre retenoids arent having much effect
  4. Okay so I went back on differin gel last June so last month (february) it had been around 8 months on differin, because I had a lot of bad marks and scars left from cysts etc. I used delnas egg mask and applyed vitamin e capsules to my face everynight after the differin had dried.. the reason being that I had been told it was good to moisturise whilst on differin On the differin gel i got initial improvement in the first few months of use but it didnt clear my acne up, i still got the occasio
  5. okay so im starting with the hcl tablets, i have many of the symptoms of low stomach acidity so willing to give it a go, earlier this year i managed to reduce my severe acne to mild/moderate by not eating wheat problem i have is i still get bloated after meals although nowhere near as much as ido with wheat. so il keep you guys updated. two tablets doesnt affect me so was thinking about starting strong and lowering rather than the opposite way around.
  6. i really believe it would work for most people, you cant live on water fasting though so youre going to hav to add certain foods back one at a time and see if it has an effect, i noticed its not what im not eating thats caused my acne but its certain things i eat. wheat and dairy are common so you should probably start with them. things like vegetables should have no effect so you could eat them let me know how it goes
  7. ive been telling people about gluten free on here for a long time, for me wheat is the main cause but chocolate and sugar can also have a noticable effect ive got from bad cystic acne to light acne, although still suffer from the marks
  8. could be that showering is drying your skin, maybe try an moisturise or something.. wont help the acne just the appearence of it
  9. please keep us updated, im in the same situation i thought if i got rid of my acne id have clear skin wrong! the scars look just as bad and are probably more humiliating
  10. to the orignal poster stick with the diet, im in exactly the same situation, i can stay clear for weeks keeping wheat and chocolate out my diet, as soon as i eat pasta i break out within the day. ive been observing it for half a year now and it happens everytime. this time im gonna do it for good, i always get tempted but not this time
  11. dont know about getting rid of marks but vitamin e makes red marks look 10 times better , its amazing the effect a moisurised face has on marks compared to a dry red face. the only thing that compares with vitamin e capsules is egg white mask, none of them are enough to make marks dissapear quickly but they aid the appearence drastically
  12. acne doesn't just form right then and there. a zit doesn't just appear on your face, and that's the first time it's ever been in your skin. acne takes a week or even two to form. you not masterbating for 4 days proves absolutely nothing, ESPECIALLY since the second week you broke out. the problem with all of this talk is to really get a good sense of how it affects your skin, you need to not masterbate for months. a week or two proves absolutely nothing in how something reacts to your ski
  13. ive been applying the egg mask for just over a week now and have had noticable improvements. ive still got some marks left which were pretty terrible, some of the ones ive had for three months are even fading. so itl probably take a while but i will update with how it goes i have only been using egg whites however, would using yolk and eggwhite mask be even more helpful than just egg white?
  14. the breakouts could be from exfoliating too much, i just started last night and am not expecting any miracles because my marks and hyperpigmentation are really bad interestingly enough though one of the marks that ive had for about 4 or 5 months seems to be coming to the surface and i can feel it, not sure what this means hopefully its a good thing
  15. hi, i dont know if anbody still read this or cares but after about 6 or 7 weeks i can finally conclude that wheat and barley causes my acne. its so tough staying off it totally i can usually go a few weeks and i never get a pimple then il get drunk and eat a burger in a bun or a pizza or something and then break out for the next week. anyway im battling with red marks at the moment, stopped using dans regimen except for my chest and back the reason i stopped dans regimen was because i dont r