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  1. Being self-aware is good and all that, but when it comes to the point where you're living your life based on the perceptions of others, you've got yourself trapped. This is how I lived throughout high school and it screwed me over. FORGET what 'category' people put you into when they see you, everyone will categorize you as something, but that's irrelevant if you're able to go about your life and do the things you enjoy. Lastly, I'd rather be good looking/semi-attractive and have skin issues rat
  2. I noticed your name and I must say that the letter x is one of my all time favorite letters. It is a shame that there are not more words containing that letter. You are very fortunate to have three. That is all. Good day.

  3. which drying products do u think caused the scarring? When you mean careless, what exactly do you mean?

    I understand that picking can cause scarring.. but how can drying products? did you ever use benzoyl peroxide? How long did you use it? Did you scar prior to this?


  4. Before my skin issues got really bad, I was a total psychopath because I had this mindset. It's not healthy. I looked down on anyone and everyone because I knew I was the complete package. I used guys and went through them like tissue paper. I thought I was better than everyone--but--you guessed it, I was lonely. Competing with other people regarding shallow shit like that will never get you anywhere. You will feel like shit either way because you'll either fail to be good enough, OR you will be
  5. I was at my worst when I posted that, and I really just had to express myself through careful wording, and something structured, rather than calling one of my friends and crying my eyes out. And I don't know of anywhere else I could've posted those exact words. I guess I just wanted to be heard.
  6. "no reason to be depressed?" ......... potential? I HAD potential. Some people just aren't meant to fulfill theirs. I used to smoke a lot, but it would always end in me crying. So, I don't do any of that anymore. I hate to be negative nancy (even though I clearly am) but weed doesn't solve everything. Thanks for the advice, though, mr. peace and love.
  7. I know you mean well, but I'm kind of offended by the implication that if someone doesn't get hit on or flirted with, they're not worth anything :/ But to answer your question, yes I've been approached by at least a couple of (sketchy) guys, although I have less and less interest in men as time goes on. And it's not as simple as getting complimented, because I never really believe nice things that people say about me. And I wasn't talking about my child's skin. I was talking about anything tha
  8. Well, yes, I've had acne for about half my life now and managed to get it under control in high school, but even with relatively clear skin I was obsessive compulsive about every little spot. I destroyed my face in every way possible because I was convinced these imperfections were obvious to everyone else, and now I'm paying the price with permanent scarring which I obsess over everyday (if I obsessed over the smallest things, you bet I'm still going to obsess over something that's ACTUALLY a v
  9. Although that's not entirely fair to them, because they did give me the best childhood a kid could ever ask for. It's still a source of extreme heartbreak when I think of the first 9-10 years of my life, I was exposed to everything and had so much potential. I was ALWAYS writing or reading something, playing the piano, drawing a picture. Traveling with my family. I was full of life. I guess too much life in a short period of time can burn a person out, though. Now, I'm barely functional on a da
  10. I KNOW I'm going to get flack for this, like 'why would you complain about being pretty', but I'm going to complain about being pretty so don't read it if you don't want to hear about it. I am suffering from second place syndrome..a psychological phenomenon where the silver medal winner is more unhappy than the bronze medal winner because they were THAT much closer to reaching the gold. I feel that way as a pretty girl with bad skin, especially since a lot of my skin problems could have been avo
  11. Check out this guy, his scarring was pretty bad but with injectable fillers he got a vast improvement. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Microdrop...je-t220027.html
  12. HAHAHA Alex you were totally right! But it's ok I was feelin it too
  13. Ha maybe, I'd like to think this is a somewhat different situation since he rarely visits America. Either way he's not getting lucky..
  14. My ex that I haven't seen in 3 1/2 years is in town and he contacted me saying he wants to see me. The problem is, since he left, my skin has been destroyed in every possible way. He was an exchange student from Finland when I was in high school and we dated for a month. It was probably the peak of my attractiveness, skin-wise. Since we only had a month together he never really saw my unattractive side and NEVER saw me without make up (even though I probably didn't even need it, but I was convi