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  1. So, I've been using The Regimen since mid- September. I use the moisturizer from this site and the treatment. and I also use the jojoba when my skin gets flaky and dry, as well as tea tree oil as spot treatment on new pimples. The first month, I was seeing a little bit of improvement, then it just kind of stopped progressing. My skin started to get VERY dry around my chin and cheeks and nose because that's where my worst acne seemed to be. And now, my forehead is FULL of these annoying little
  2. I never used to have cystic pimples until I turned 18 and now I get 2-4 at a time every month. I would say my skin looks worse now than when I was younger, back then I just had the usual acne breakouts, now I get the painful cyst pimples. And my picking at them has caused me to have very dark marks . Could this be hormones? And if anyone has a way to help me get rid of them, I would be eternally grateful. Just as a side note, I do use tea tree oil whenever I get a new pimple as well as tooth