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  1. yesterday was Week 19 clear. dunno if i shuld go another month on accutane or stop in a week like i was supposed to
  2. yeah im on same dosage as u but am now in month 5(80mgs) and only recently has it started really really lookin good, but i started improving very slowly from like week 2
  3. week 18 things pretty much good, deciding whether to continue my course or stop at 20 weeks... any suggestions?
  4. Week 16 and Week 17 still slowly gettin better... waiting for these red marks to fade
  5. booh yah morris county, nj.... or at least i think morristown is in morris...
  6. a product called "scalpacin" or something like that i had the same thing and u use a little after u shower and it really helps out
  7. Week 15 pretty much clearin up except for a few small zits (2) everythings lookin alot better so im happy
  8. yeah when i say i drink twice a week, i meant like somtimes twice a week, usually once. every1 in my family is short and im the tallest (5'8") so i dont think im growing anymore, im tryin to cut down on the booze... its not like im an alcoholic most kids in my highschool in my town drink every week. If its anything all my bloodwork was fine and i know that says something about your liver??? or maybe its just irrelevant ... alrite im gunna go down a bottle of vodka lol jk
  9. you say you dont drink on accutane? i drink about once or twice a week(on the weekends) and i know im still young (15) but is it really that bad for accutane? like affecting acne wise? because every morning-after i drink my skin looks amazing, i think it helps it dry up
  10. Week 14 still breakin out somewhat on my lower face, not at all on forehead, so it sucks...... i thought i wuld really be clear by now i dont no what to do.. any suggestions im startin to think accutane isnt workin
  11. guys i really need ur help im goin on vacation during spring break and needless to say where im going is gunna be hot as balls/sunny. i burn quite easily while not on accutane so what shuld i do for the week im there?!?!?! if i apply a lot of sunscreen will i still burn???!!! please help asap
  12. the truth will set u free, just say u cared so much bout her and asked random people for their opinions cuz they would be unbiased.
  13. ive washed 4 times since ive got it, not 4 times a day. i dont feel ineed it cause my skin is so dry, i just splash cold water on my face once a day it helps so much.