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  1. so i was living in the usa and when i go see a derm he tells me about accutane rite so he gave me a 40 mg dosage but then my family moves to colombia and they have roacutane there and i can only find 20mg so the told me i have to take it like 2 times a a day sdo it would be like a 40mg is this correct??? im just wondering before i start using it.
  2. Yes you can and you must use a moisturizer whilst on Tane. Lip balm also and possible eye drops. ←
  3. can i is neutrogena daily moisturizer spf? can i apply it beacuse my skin is very dry so i wanna know if i can?
  4. can i put on neutrogena daily moisturizer spf 30 beacus is getting dry thanks if u can help me
  5. I took roacutane with my breakfast cereal is that ok? well i think so but yeah i started my first pill ill keep u posted on my resutls.
  6. man bu week 3 i just lost my control i was so cleared up now im worse than ever....i have to stop masturbating again.
  7. masturbation...does make me break out so bad on my body and face...and after i masturbate i feel my skin very weird like im breaking out and the next day tada hella pimples.. is all personal experience some people get affected by this some people dont...F*CK THOse websites that says masturbation is healthy for everyone they dont know anything...the real expert here is you and your personal thoughts. so im quiting masturbation rite now.
  8. But im wondering how much it cost, and if i need medical insurance thank you if you can help me.
  9. beacuse when i dont masturbate it goes away it starts to clear but when i do it i break out so bad i need help.
  10. thats not that bad i have like thousands of them on my back but small ones