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  1. Pacnex is a formulation of Benzoyl Peroxide in a gentle vehicle and should be used only on areas where you have acne. If you are experiencing redness try using it less frequently until your skin adjusts to it and leaving it on for less time. The formulations (4.5 & 7%) are relatively strong for BP. What has your experience with Pacnex been since you last posted?
  2. One little trick I picked up while looking for ways to extend the shave on my razor was to keep it in a dish of olive oil. The oil prevents water from building up on the metal and causing microscopic rusting and provides a natural moisturizer while shaving. It makes for a realllly smooth shave and moisturized skin afterward. Works for men and women. Give it a try!
  3. Someone close to me brought it to my attention that the bumps look like irritation bumps. When I thought about it further it made sense. No matter where they appeared, they were the same consistency and had the same "stuff" inside. Also, they never turned into pimples. I thought further and considered the fact that it might be irritation to my hygiene habits, and indeed it was! Turns out that it was irritation caused by a dull razor. I had not been replacing my razor as often as I should have.
  4. It sounds like extra skin cell build up in those locations. Do you shave every day? It could be that you are shaving the extra skin cells away every morning .. Out of curiosity, can you provide a picture?
  5. Ingrown hairs are not that common on the face. If they really are, you would probably not have more than 5 after a given shave. It may also be irritation from shaving. I recommend you start with a new blade, wet your skin with very warm water and keep it wet for about 5 minutes (being in the shower is a great way to do this). Apply some good moisturizer and shave with the hair as to prevent the hair from getting cut too short (especially where it grows directionally such as on the neck and under
  6. Update: I've been using BP for three weeks now day and night, totally replacing the Retin-A I used to use. The first week I experienced a few pimples from the new irritation of BP as well as from not using Retin-A anymore. By week three my skin cleared up and no new pimples were forming. Likewise, I had no more whiteheads and therefore nothing to pick at! I was relieved that BP worked so well. That is... until the fourth week started I'm not sure what happened but over the last two days my
  7. To make things a little clearer, I don't have active, inflamed, or open acne. I only get pimples on occasion and they are barely noticeable. I cause more harm to my face by picking than do my genes that cause the acne. My picking habit has never been to the point where I am embarrassed about my skin / appearance or feel uncomfortable going outside. It has never really bothered me that much. But stopping myself from picking is something I want to do and avoiding those occasional pimples is someth
  8. Hello Acne forum, I've had this question on my mind for a long time and figured it is about time to finally answer it. Instead of making an appointment to the dermo just to answer a question, I figured I'll ask it where professionals hang out "after hours" So I've been using Retin-A for months now (cream based, .025%) and I've been experiencing the same issue since I first started using it. Whenever I apply more than a TINY amount I'll get white bumps everywhere that I apply it. My current re