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  1. I live in Denton and mine does. I also know one in Southlake that might, but only up to 50 mg. Your best bet is to just call and ask before you make the appointment.
  2. Yeah I don't like to use topicals because they always make me break out really bad at first with painful acne that can scar, and they take forever to work on me. I always start a new one and then stop using it a week or 2 later because I can't handle the breakouts.
  3. If you are taking or ever have taken Bactrim for acne and are/were clear on it could you please tell me the dosage you took? My best friend takes 800mg twice a day, and I took it before twice a day but can't remember how many milligrams. Thanks!
  4. My guess is it would be from stopping the Bactrim too. Before I ever took Spiro I took Bactrim for years and had perfectly clear skin on it that never got pimples (no topicals either). After I stopped taking the Bactrim (thinking I had outgrown my acne) I broke out with the worst breakouts of my life, but mostly only on my chin and forehead. Now I am just on Spiro and have been taking for 6 months, first 50 mg, then 75 and 100 this past 6 weeks. Still not 100% clear but pimples are not as pa
  5. You get leg cramps when you don't get enough potassium and water. Like if you drink a lot of alcohol one night they say to eat a banana before you go to bed so you don't wake up with a charliehorse.
  6. Hi all, was just wondering if Bactrim causes an initial breakout? If you have taken Bactrim (also called Septra or Sulfamethoxazole) would you please share your experiences and how long it took till it started clearing you?
  7. I would probably consider continuing the antibiotics for a few months to make sure the Regimen has time to kick in.
  8. Aloe Vera might help it, or your could try lemon juice or Mederma cream for scars. How long have you had the mark for?
  9. Wow so you were able to maintain clear even after quitting the spiro? Which one did your acne come back on, the spiro or the Regimen?
  10. Thanks, glad to hear you are seeing improvements already! A second derm I visited suggested Accutane because my acne is really stubborn and persistent (I always have at least one or two spots), but I am really trying to avoid going down that path. It took forever just to get my regular derm to up my dosage to 100mg, so I am pretty sure she won't go above that because I already have naturally low blood pressure. I am going to order Dan's starter kit and begin his regimen as soon as they get her
  11. Can anybody recommend a good waterproof and non-comedogenic sunscreen to use with Dan's Regimen?
  12. I was on 50 mg the first two months, then 75 mg until this past week when my derm FINALLY upped it to 100mg. Am hoping I will see better results in a few weeks on this increased dosage...
  13. Is anybody currently taking Spironolactone and doing Dan's Regimen at the same time? I have been taking Spironolactone for almost 5 months (in a week) and still am not seeing the results I would like. I am thinking about adding in Dan's Regimen but am worried that since the Spiro already makes my skin drier that it will be way to dry with the addition of benzoyl peroxide twice a day. Anyone have any experience with this?
  14. I agree with Boston. I think it is safe to take Spiro long term as long as you get your potassium levels checked and don't experience any serious side effects. It is a medicine prescribed to treat congestive heart failure, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease, and to lower blood pressure among other things, so it makes sense you would be able to take it long term. I read a review somewhere about a woman taking it for acne for 20 years but I can't remember where.