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    long drives,shopping,spending time w/my family,beach,music,naps,movies...so much more just ask=]
  1. sooo my 1st month i was on 40mg of claravis..long story short when i seen my derm he lowered my dosage to 30mg..i thought i was going to have to take sotret but luckily didnt have to! they make claravis in 30mg as well! my derm also put me on Elidel cream for the inflammation and told me to stop using that phosphate lotion he put me on last month bc it sucked! sooo im on my 5th day of my lowered dose and im breaking out pretty constant! ugh..i really dont want to go through what i did last month
  2. sooo i have been taking 40mg of claravis for 1 month now and today i went to see my derm..my face is SO dry its gross..theres like dry patches from everywhere there was acne and im still getting breakouts but not as bad as it was the first 2 weeks..although i am due for my menstrual cycle so i guess there is a reason for breaking out..anyways my derm decided to lower my dosage..from 40mg a day to 30mg a day..he said that i wont get as dry as i am right now and it will still be as effective as be
  3. ill be 23 on nov 1st..ive been struggling witth this though since i was about 14..enough is enough im sure you know what i mean..best of luck to you as well!! lets keep in touch!
  4. yes that it what i am on..Clindamycin Phosphate lotion..as well as Claravis (which is generic for accutane)..are you on accutane as well?
  5. so things are finally starting to look up as of right now(thank goodness) i called my derm yesterday to tell him how horribly bad i had broken out all last week so he decided to put me on Clindamycin, has anyone else used this as well? he said it should even things out..but i have also been feeling alot better i haven't really been breaking out besides like 1 or 2 little whiteheads and my face is looking like 75% better besides the redspots that i am able to cover up w/makeup pretty easily. My l
  6. hopefully i posted this topic in the right forum this time haha..so i am on my 11th day of treatment with Claravis..and let me just say this is not what i expected! ugh its so horrible..yes i figured about the dry lips and dry skin but my muscles are sore and appearently i'm one of the "low pertentage" as my dr would say of patients who get an initial breakout. Everyday my skin is just getting worse and my self esteem is GONE, its a battle to even leave my house and go to work i try and put make
  7. Thank you! What does that mean..that the topic need to be moved to regimen logs by a mod?
  8. hello everyone, my name is Heather and i've been reading everyones blogs on their accutane experiences, I myself am on my 6th day of treatment of Claravis and i take 40mg once a day. I would love to start blogging my experience with Claravis to share with all of you as i find it fascinating the amount of success alot of you are having, i am hoping to be there soon as well...soo these last 6 days have been pretty mellow as far as side effects..my lips are starting to get really dry and my skin