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  1. Yes that is good advice, Thank you, I do try not too, its hard sometimes though x
  2. Yes I get very sad sometimes, but I have to try and make myself feel better as best I can, because otherwise the Acne takes over and makes me really really depresssed. How do you cope? Sounds a great idea, bet its good exercise too!
  3. Hi I've decided that no amount of trying is going to help me beat this thing quickly so I have to try little things to make myself feel better, I've started by trying to get my make up and wardrobe right and confident from the beginning of the day
  4. Yes I completely agree, I've ended up having a big jealous rage at my boyfriend last night as he described some one as 'pretty' and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO angry as she had clear skin! I would be happier than winning all the money on the Lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hello, Bare Escentuals mineral make up is a little pricey, but its is brilliant and has actually calmed my skin down, I've tried cheaper alternatives, but always end up reverting back its comfortable to wear too, doesn't feel cakey like some others I have tried. Best of luck
  6. Sounds a bit far fetched I've seen it on ebay, just wondered if anyone has tried it? Thanks