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  1. Have you thought about taking the accutane and having the baby through a surrogate mother? I don't know if surrogate is the right term though - I mean when another woman is pregnant with your baby, but it's definitely YOUR eggs and your husband's. Could be an idea. I wouldn't let the cystic acne get too far, and with antibiotics it could take many different meds.
  2. i'm just curious, why are you posting and not your daughter? and i hope you don't tell her that she looks like she has chicken pox to her face. use a sunscreen in the morning (i heard good things about neutrogena healthy defense), and after school a thicker moisturizer, and finally before sleep the retin a micro. DO NOT make the mistake of using body lotion on your face or regular soap to cleanse!! if you wanna make sure the things your using are noncomedogenic (the "non breakout kind"), go t
  3. sandy69 - for you it took three months for your skin to clear up on retin a micro?? how long was the irritation and breakout period?? i am on week nine of retin a micro 1% and my skin is still really bad!!
  4. aw, mandala, i read u live in new york? is it new york city, b/c i live in nyc too and the weather is HELL RIght now isn't it! it totally agravates ur skin!
  5. how long did it take you guys to clear up??? i'm on week 7 now and my forehead is exactly the same as before retin a!! :?
  6. ok well i got the clean and clear sensitive skin foaming facial cleanser (just now! i am desperate :wink: ) that u recommend for me. and also yesterday i took some 'internal" medications, something these other people at this other acne forum recommended for me, two vitamin c tablets and two vitamin e tablets. i hope this internal/external stuff works!
  7. i dont understand.. its definitely not the beginning for me anymore, its been six weeks, thats what scares me about hwether i should stick with it or not! but i am definitely taking ur advice on the soap thing, in fact in leaving right now to get some.
  8. ive been on it for six weeks now, and i definitely dont wanna discourange you but for me it's been realy tough! look at the other retin a micro topic on this board, maybe you'll get an idea of what im going through. but definitely try it, it seesm to work for tons of other people in here!
  9. oh my gosh!!! i can't believe it, ive used lever 200 for 2 years now! i cant believe it was actually aggravating my skin the whole damn time. thank u soso much for the news. i realy hope this helps. i guess that means i shouldnt quit the retina huh?! its like my last resort...
  10. does bp neutralize the effects of retin a?? thats what it said in the retin a website! i just wash with lever 2000 soap and use sunblock in the mornings. nothing else really. was it like this for u too, all the redness and the annoying pimples on forehead? how long did it take fo rht redness and dryness to go away??
  11. im really worried, ive usedd retin a micro 0.1 for about six weeks now and my face is still realy red ( moderate to sever redness) . is it suposed to take this long? and even though my cheeks are about 70% clear despite the redness, my forehead is still as spotty as before the retin a . i duont understand why its not working on my forehead!! pleease reply, i m really freaking out about my skin.