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  1. Went to a private Dermatologist in Glasgow somewhere, can't for the life of me remember the place. Paid £75 and the guy told me I should be "eligible" for Roaccutane. Turns out the Derm I saw also worked in my local hospital and referred me as an urgent case, means I waited a few days as opposed to 6 months I was originally quoted. 4 months later my face was very clear. Absolutely unrecognisable from before. Best £75 I've ever spent, but then again I got lucky. If you have the cash and it
  2. And am convinced it is superior to Panoxyl. No redness, VERY easy to spread around your face (feels thinner) Hopefully my face doesn't look like a Tomato which I quite often get using Panoxyl.
  3. You still get charged on top of this. I have. My second order from Daniel Kern now in at £200 or so. Just under £400 I have spent in total.
  4. If new to the regimen, 10% will be too strong. It is also sold as Panoxyl 10% aquagel.
  5. Question... This Ibuprofen thing, would this be a fingers length, thick or thin, then spread over face, ie the regimen? Reason i'm asking, having started the regimen using Panoxyl as my source of BP, I absolutely cannot handle the redness of my face and constant pain that I am in. It is just NOT worth it, IMO. My skin is at the stage where i'm thinking it may clear itself, but still get a few reddies here and there. I apply BP at night, AHA in the mornings over back, chest and neck. They are
  6. Anything more than once a day with Panoxyl and it's red face central, from my experience. Even with the 2.5% gel.