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  1. ya, i think i should talk to the dermotologist about accutane on my appointment October 23rd. I'm still taking the Deoxycyline Hydrate oral antibiotic right now, and actually i used extra strength gold bond powder the last week on my back/chest/face. Results with the gold bond extra medicated powder are as follows: My back, while only having minor acne and few marks, is very close to all clear now, and my face is pretty much the same. However, there's on a very few pimples to begin with on
  2. ? i guess just try the gold bond, keep taking my Doxycycline Hyclate oral antibiotic, keep the area free of irritation... and then on Oct 23rd get the Accutane. If the other antiobioitcs/meds/topical creams do little, its time for that step. I think its necessary with these pictures is that a good arguement?
  3. Hoursafter and THX, thank you for ur input. I agree but hoursafter, if i already used benzyol peroxide before (5% cream) for a long time and it didn't do too much, do u think the bar from Panoxyl would do anything more? And THX - I have a few pimples on my face, but not alot. Do u really believe that taking accutane could make me break out on my face and then give my faces scars??! that sounds very unlikely, and if that does happen, i highly doubt a breakout would laster longer than a 2 mont
  4. Homer0001, I see what ur saying, and thank you for answering. However, my doctor said i should definitely give accutane a try. U think an antibiotic would be worth it. I'm tired of using something for a short fix, although never healing completely, and then not working anymore after a few months. Does anyone recomend accutane? Also, do u think the gold bond or extra virgin olive oil would work for my scars to heal? I hate this acne, its feels terrible, anyone thing gold bond or letting i
  5. Thanks for responding Stinky Muldoon and THX. I didn't give my whole background with medication and antibiotics. I have been applying benzyol peroxide (5%) morning and night for the past two years or more, I have also applied hydrocortisone valerate (.2%) - a steriod used to heal redness - for a short while (about a month ago) with no results seen. and Lastly, i have oraly taken Doxycycline Hyclate pills for a very long time as well. However, in the last 6 months, my condition on my chest h
  6. Hello i have severe chest acne. I also have some terrible "holes" or scars. Some pictures are attached. I apologize in advance for the ugliness of it all. Please don't expand the picture if u don't think u can handle it. Btw, i had this chest acnes slowly getting worse for like 6 months, it is very very depressing. The acne is right between the nips. i need advice to get rid of it. I'm going to be using accutane (or another form of Isotretinoin) soon, but until then i need more advic
  7. Chestne

    Terrible Chest Acne

    This is my chest, between the nips. I'm so sorry for hurting ur eyes. but i need help to make this dissapear. I'm getting accutane (tetrionine) soon, but i need to get the redness to go away.